Laura Woods fends off cheeky fan’s attempt to slide into her DMs after she asks about bizarre crisps fact


LAURA WOODS had to turn down a cheeky punter’s attempt at asking her on a date using his knowledge of CRISPS.

The talkSPORT host took to Twitter to ask her 735,000 followers a bizarre question about the potato-based snack.

Laura Woods shut down the fans request to take her out

Woods presents for ITV, talkSPORT and Amazon Prime

Woods asked “Is it true that all crisps go off on a Saturday?”

To which the fan brilliantly responded saying: “It is true Laura, I worked for Walkers back in the day.

“If you want to go into more detail drop me a DM, we can go for a meal and talk about it”

The hilarious attempt at taking the TV and radio star out for dinner came crashing down after Woods made sure the fan knew that wouldn’t be happening.

She wrote: “I think safer to discuss publicly”

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Woods is always active on Twitter replying to fans, but also haters and trolls too.

The 35-year-old recently shut down a sexist comment in hilarious fashion on the social media platform.

She is a huge Arsenal fan and is often vocal online in her support of her team, but recently threatened to quit Twitter after the Gunners’ poor run of form.


Woods is also reportedly in the running to replace Jake Humphreys as host of BT Sport’s football coverage after the former CBBC host announced he was leaving after 10 years with the company.

Humphreys’ replacement will be anchoring the channel under a new name as BT Sport is set to rebrand to TNT Sport for the new season.

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Woods also hosts the boxing on DAZN

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