Gary Lineker in X-rated rant at Micah Richards for giving him Covid just days before Match of the Day


GARY LINEKER playfully tore into Micah Richards after testing positive for Covid-19.

Alongside Alan Shearer, the duo have launched a new podcast together this season.

Twitter @RestIsFootballGary Lineker ripped into Micah Richards[/caption]

Twitter @RestIsFootballRichards, 35, apologised to his unwell colleague[/caption]

In The Rest is Football, the trio discuss the latest goings on in the beautiful game, while also delving into stories from their own careers.

Introducing the latest episode, Lineker ripped into Richards for making him unwell.

The under-the-weather host said: “Before we start answering your questions Micah can I just say thank you very much, I have here in front of me a positive Covid test.”

Richards yelped in response: “Gary! I can only apologise.”

Lineker added: “Can I just say Micah when I said whatever happens with this podcast we’ll share everything equally I did not mean f***ing Covid, okay?

“Having spent two days alongside you I started to feel unwell yesterday.

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“But don’t worry I’m manning up and being tough about it and going to bed straight after we’re done.”

Shearer then chortled, having turned down an invitation to see Lineker and Richards over the weekend.


As the episode went on, Lineker took another opportunity to lay into Richards.

With the trio discussing which team they’d love to have played for, Richards said Arsenal‘s “Invincibles” of 2003-04.

Lineker joked in response: “But then they might not be Invincibles.”

After Richards, 35, burst out laughing, Lineker added: “That’s what happens when you give me Covid.”

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Match of the Day is next due to air on BBC One this Saturday night.

GettyAlan Shearer managed to escape becoming unwell[/caption]

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