Francis Ngannou closing in on Deontay Wilder boxing fight and says ‘somebody’s head off will be taken OFF’


FRANCIS NGANNOU revealed he is closing in on a deal to fight Deontay Wilder – and made a brutal prediction for it.

Ngannou is a free agent after leaving the UFC following a breakdown in contract negotiations.

Francis Ngannou revealed he is closing in on a deal to fight Deontay WilderGETTY

And the Cameroonian confirmed he is eyeing a boxing switch and has held talks to face Anthony Joshua.

But it is American star Wilder, 37, who Ngannou, 36, is deepest in conversations with.

He said on The MMA Hour: “Yes, we have had the conversation and at this moment, we’re more closer than with anybody else.”

Ngannou revealed summer is the target fight date for a fight which will bring together two of the biggest punchers in history.

He said: “I think somebody will take somebody’s head off. I would just try [for it] not to be mine. I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Ngannou is leaving the door open to an MMA return as he nears a move to boxing and has the Professional Fighters League and ONE Championship in mind.

He said: “I have made a decision. Without making a done deal, I know what my next move is going to be.

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“I know that I want to fight boxing first and then after that I will fight MMA. I’m going to sign with one MMA promotion.


“I haven’t made a decision on that yet, [but I’m] very close. PFL and ONE FC right now, we are very close. We will see.”

Ngannou added: “I’m going to do what I’m doing, and what is interesting about it, obviously there is huge money down here, but also, most of this deal has been viewed as a partnership, which is great for me.

“I feel well-respected, appreciated. It is different. It feels different. Listen, I never thought there was an MMA promotion that pays more than UFC, or that has [more] money than the UFC.

“If the UFC wants to pay somebody, they will pay you, but the way that he comes, I’m not down for it. I’d rather get something with more value.

“My last three years weren’t so happy, so excited. Maybe at the end of the day, this is good for everybody.”

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Deontay Wilder is in talks to fight Francis Ngannou in the summerGetty

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