Cheltenham Festival punters pile into seedy pop-up strip club near race track

SLEAZY punters at Cheltenham have been piling into a pop-up strip club, The Sun can reveal.

A townhouse near the track has become a “pleasure palace” aiming to separate gamblers from their winnings.

Strippers transformed the quiet centre of Cheltenham into a red light district

The townhouse charges £10 to enter and offers ‘VIP’ services

A flyer advertising the pop-up strip club hoping to separate gamblers from their earnings

Around 100 strippers from around the UK have come to work at Eroticats, which charges £10 to enter and offers “VIP” services.

Girls in stilettos and erotic underwear charge anywhere from £40 to £500 a dance, with reports some make as much as £7,000 in just one night.

One punter said: “It’s three floors of whores.

“It’s brilliant, there’s something for everyone.”

There are reports some girls offer extras in private booths.

One dancer, Kylie, 27, from Manchester, said: “We heard about it through the grapevine — it’s like the red light district.”

Chelsea, 29, of Liverpool, said: “These guys are away from their girlfriends, drunk and looking to splash their cash.”

The venue is close to Cambray Baptist Church.

One volunteer, Christina, called the club “demonic”, adding: “It’s so wrong.

“It’s a symbol of the moral decline of this country.

“It’s like Soho — this is not what Cheltenham is about”.

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