Ex-Tottenham star Jamie O’Hara storms out of talkSPORT studio after heated debate with ‘absolute idiot of a man’

JAMIE O’HARA stormed out of the talkSPORT studio after a heated debate with an “absolute idiot of a man”.

Former Tottenham midfielder O’Hara, 36, was on air with former Chelsea ace Jason Cundy on Tuesday night.

talkSPORTJamie O’Hara got into a heated debate live on talkSPORT[/caption]

talkSPORTThe former Tottenham man could barely believe what he was hearing[/caption]

talkSPORTIn the end he took off his headphones and left the studio[/caption]

Following Kevin De Bruyne’s masterclass performance in Manchester City’s 7-0 thrashing of RB Leipzig after a challenge to improve his form by boss Pep Guardiola, the duo clashed over who is the best No10 in the Premier League right now.

O’Hara is convinced it is still De Bruyne while Cundy threw his support behind Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard, who is leading the Gunners in their shock Premier League charge.

The pair went at it live on talkSPORT for nearly two minutes before O’Hara flung off his headphones and headed for the exit door.

The exchange started when Cundy said: “Odegaard, right now, is the best No10 in the league.”

O’Hara asked: “Is that what you think?”

Cundy insisted: “Yeah I agree with him.”

But O’Hara challenged him: “So if I gave you a cup final tomorrow, after watching De Bruyne tonight, you would go Odegaard or De Bruyne?”

Cundy replied: “Odegaard, this season.”


O’Hara shouted back: “You’ve got Harry Kane and Odegaard, I’ve got Erling Haaland and De Bruyne.”

But keeping his cool, Cundy explained: “It’s fair. Odegaard this season has… I’ve just realised it’s because it’s Arsenal isn’t it? And you’re bitter about Spurs at the minute. What’s going on?”

A visibly frustrated O’Hara said: “It’s nothing to do with Arsenal. I’ll tell you what’s going on – I’ve been sitting here for 18 months having to work with this absolute idiot of a man who puts Odegaard ahead of Kevin De Bruyne.

“Have you just watched De Bruyne play tonight? He’s put on a masterclass. You’re telling me if there was a cup final tomorrow, you wouldn’t want Kevin De Bruyne in your team?

“You’d take Odegaard, whose had a great season don’t get me wrong. Kevin De Bruyne, unbelievable for the last five seasons. Right now, this season?”

Sending O’Hara into another spin of turmoil with his head in his hands, Cundy replied: “Odegaard. Jay, face the music. I’ve told you. Stand up now and say, ‘My name is Jamie O’Hara, I’m a Spurs fan and Arsenal will win the title.’ Just stand up and say it.”

O’Hara raged: “Oh Jason. Honestly mate. It’s like working with a brick wall. I can’t deal with this anymore, I need a break, I need a coffee, I’ve got to leave the office.”

And with that, the former Arsenal academy talent left the room, leaving Cundy baffled.

Two-time Premier League player of the year De Bruyne, 31, has racked up four goals and 19 assists in all competitions this season.

By comparison, Odegaard, 24, has ten goals and six assists, all in the league – and on Monday he was crowned London’s Prem player of the year.

Martin Odegaard is in rich form for the table-topping GunnersRichard Pelham / The Sun

De Bruyne put in a masterclass against RB LeipzigAlamy

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