Eagle-eyed fans spot Peter Wright’s botched paint job on his darts and claim he’s using rivals’ arrows


FANS spotted Peter Wright’s badly painted darts during his Premier League defeat to Luke Humphries in Berlin.

The two-time world champion, 53, failed to arrest his slump in form as he lost 6-4 in the quarter-finals on Thursday night.

RexPeter Wright painted his darts but fans were left unimpressed[/caption]

TwitterCommentator Wayne Mardle spotted the shoddy paintwork, before fans took to social media[/caption]

But some viewers were more interested in the botched paint job on his darts after commentator Wayne Mardle pointed it out.

The Scot had attempted to jazz the arrows up with blue and white paint in homage to his native country’s flag.

But the finished product looked some way less than impressive, with one social media user saying: “Think@Wayne501Mardle is spot on with the hatchet job on the painting from Wright .

“@reddragondarts hopefully have a task on their hands to get some proper Scottish Style Wright barrels of these produced .”

Another added: “I could have done a better job .”

While a third replied: “Premier League player using them darts… embarrassing.”

One viewer then claimed Wright had switched darts to those used by rival Michael van Gerwen.

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They said: “Peter Wright has switched his darts to what look to be the trusty MVGs with some Scottish themed rings painted on!


“Some Swiss Points in them aswell .”

The user then shared a picture of Van Gerwen’s “Exact” dart design to illustrate the point.

Wright’s quarter-final defeat to Humphries leaves him bottom of the eight-man Premier League and without a point after two rounds.

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Van Gerwen beat teenage sensation Luke Littler in a thrilling final to claim his first Premier League win of the season.

Michael Smith, Van Gerwen, Littler and Gerwyn Price currently make up the four play-off places ahead of Rob Cross, Humphries, Nathan Aspinall and Wright.

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