World’s sexiest volleyball star Kayla Simmons strips to barely-there bikini in bed as stunned fans say ‘good grief’


FANS showered Kayla Simmons with praise for a bikini snap on a bed that she entitled “rainy days”.

“Good grief,” said one fan” and “crazy beautiful,” claimed another as the ex-volleyball star perched dreamily on a quilt. Simmons had fans dreaming of more shots like this[/caption]

InstagramKayla posted this mirror selfie in the same week[/caption] former college ace still enjoys playing volleyball when she gets time[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmonsYou can take it as read the influencer enjoys bedroom snaps as she has also posed with a book in her own style of night-time clothing[/caption]

The social media sensation had plenty to mull over as she gazed thoughtfully across a bedroom.

She’s just completed a travel vlog after jet-setting to Geneva, Paris, Nice, Tokyo and Hawaii.

And she also paraded some revealing angles in swimsuit selfies.

Kayla has never looked back – nor bashful – since giving up any chance of a volleyball career in favour of online fame.

And many fans appeared breathless – or in need of a lie-down – after seeing her latest picture sitting in the middle of a bed.

One follower demanded the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazine take interest in her.

“SI cover model if I ever saw one,” he insisted.

“Wow Kayla Simmmons looks fabulous in this bikini,” panted a second admirer.

“Perfection” and “Yum” were other verdicts.

And congratulations if you had any of these in the Compliments’ Bingo: “Gorgeous” … “Hottie” … “Unreal” … and, a new twist on an old favourite, “Wowza!! Unreal”.

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InstagramThe beauty regularly wows her fans with bikini snaps on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/KaylasimmonsKayla ‘gave a new meaning to sideboob’ in this upload[/caption]

It’s not just volleyball Kayla can play as she impressed at Top Golf

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsKayla loves the beach[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsKayla gave this dog an eyeful[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsAnd this little kitten didn’t know where to look[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsKayla shared a collection of steamy photos to her Instagram from her summer trip around Europe[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsShe shared this seriously busty snap on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram / @kaylasimmmonsShe love to stay tanned and posts pictures from her sunbathing days[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsBut she showed off her sunburn here[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsKayla lives a glamorous life[/caption]

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INSTAGRAM / kaylasimmmonsKayla went on holiday to Greece in the summer[/caption]

Kayla delighted fans with this bikini picInstagram/kaylasimmmons

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsBut some of her bikinis did not seem to fit[/caption]

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