World’s sexiest powerlifter Little Beast branded ‘limber as twizzler and strong as she Hulk’ after crazy stretch routine


THE world’s sexiest powerlifter Little Beast was compared to She-Hulk after showing off her crazy stretch routine.

Hikaru Komiyama, aka Little Beast, regularly leaves fans stunned with her extraordinary physical feats.

Instagram / @the.littlebeastLittle Beast left fans stunned with her stretch routine[/caption]

Instagram / @the.littlebeastRu is known primarily for her weightlifting ability[/caption]

Instagram / @the.littlebeastShe likes to show off her impressive physique[/caption]

Instagram / @the.littlebeastLittle Beast encouraged her followers to try and become more flexible[/caption]

Instagram / @the.littlebeastShe boasts 450,000 Instagram followers[/caption]

Usually she catches the eye with her impressive weightlifting prowess, or her dance moves.

But she showed she is not just all muscle by posting an Instagram video showcasing her amazing flexibility.

In one post Little Beast bent down and faced away from her right leg, which was rooted to the floor, while her left leg was stretched high into the air.

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And in another she reached up to grab her leg behind her back, leaving fans speechless.

Alongside the video she shared a caption which reads: “When we realize that growth mindset can be applied to everything, anything is possible— strength, flexibility, discipline, emotional literacy.

“They’re really just all a skill that can be learned ⁣”

One fan reacted saying: “Bout as limber as a twizzler and strong as she hulk and pretty as she can be !! Keep it up ”

Another added: “A real beast!”


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A third said: “Woah that’s actually impressive ”

And another commented: “Wow that’s amazing flexibility you have keep doing your thing ”

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