World’s sexiest ice hockey star Mikayla Demaiter bursts out of yellow bikini as fans call her a ‘jaw dropping beauty’


THE ‘world’s sexiest ice hockey player’ turned heads again with her latest Instagram snap.

Mikayla had her dreams of turning pro in ice hockey dashed four years ago when her career ended through injury.

INSTAGRAMMikayla posed in a yellow bikini[/caption]

INSTAGRAMShe has been dubbed ‘the world’s sexiest ice hockey player’[/caption]

INSTAGRAMShe was forced to retire from the game through injury[/caption]

INSTAGRAMShe boasts 3.1million followers on Instagram[/caption]

The Canadian then switched her attentions to modelling which has seen her social media following sky rocket since.

Mikalya shot to fame online after being dubbed “the world’s sexiest ice hockey player” and now boasts 3.1 million followers.

The former hockey player took to Instagram this time to share a photo of her wearing a yellow bikini.

She captioned her post: “It’s not easy being a walking ray of sunshine, but somebody’s got to do it ”

The pics were well received by her followers who rushed to the comment section to praise her latest look.

One commenter wrote: “Jaw dropping beauty ”

Another added: “Flawless!!!”

While a third wrote: “You’re always are a ray of sunshine.”

Instagram @mikaylademaiterShe’s wowed fans in a range of looks[/caption]

Instagram @mikaylademaiterMikayla hails from Canada[/caption]

Instagram @mikaylademaiterShe played for the Bluewater Hawks[/caption]

instagram @mikaylademaiterBut a knee injury ruined her career[/caption]

A fourth commented: “Beautiful ”

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And a fifth wrote: “Goddess ”

Mikayla was goaltender for the Bluewater Hawks in Canada‘s Provincial Women’s Hockey League.

But it is understood she switched to modelling full-time aged 19 following knee surgery.

That decision seemed final in June 2020 when she posted “time to say goodbye to ice hockey”. greq up an avid hockey player[/caption]

instagram/mikaylademaiterMikayla regularly posts on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/mikaylademaiterMikayla was a goaltender during her days as an ice hockey player[/caption]

Instagram/mikaylademaiterShe has now taken to a career in social media[/caption]

instagram @mikaylademaiterShe has over 3million followers on Instagram[/caption]

instagram/mikaylademaiterFans are always bombarding her comment section[/caption]

Instagram @mikaylademaiterShe was forced to retire from hockey aged just 19[/caption]

instagram @mikaylademaiterShe is outspoken in her love of interior decorating[/caption]

Instagram/mikaylademaiterShe regularly shares pictures on social media[/caption]

Instagram/mikaylademaiterMikayla has 2.4million followers on TikTok too[/caption]

Instagram @mikaylademaiterMikayla proved to be a ray of sunshine for fans[/caption]

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Instagram @mikaylademaiterNow she is making a name for herself as an influencer[/caption]

instagram @mikaylademaiterThe model regularly treats her fans to racy online snaps[/caption]

Instagram / @mikaylademaiterThe former ice hockey goalie is now a successful model[/caption]

Instagram @MikaylaDemaiterThe ‘world’s sexiest ice hockey player’ has amassed a following of over 2m on social media[/caption]

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