‘World’s sexiest chess star’ finally returns after mystery two-year absence – but loses to 11 year old


ANDREA BOTEZ is finally back to playing chess tournaments but her return did not start well.

The “world’s sexiest chess star” found fame on social media as she built up a huge fan base.

Instagram @itsandreabotezAndrea Botez returned to playing chess after two year[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezShe ended up losing to four 11-year-olds[/caption]

Instagram/itsandreabotezThe tournament was at the Charlotte Chess Centre[/caption]

Botez, 21, took part in a competition at the Charlotte Chess Centre in North Carolina.

However, she revealed that she ended up getting “cracked” by four 11-year-olds.

The Canadian chess star posted a video on Instagram showcasing her defeats despite her initial excitement to return.

She captioned the video: “Chess tournaments in a nutshell.”

The video was watched by her 618k followers who took pity on her for the results.

One fan posted: “Why are kids so good at chess.”

A second wrote: “What are they feeding these kids.”

A third commented: “The only thing worse than being paired with an 11-year-old is losing to an 11-year-old.”


A fourth said: “These kids are NPC engines.”

Another added: “Darn kids. Get off my lawn!”

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She began playing chess aged just six, following in the footsteps of her sister, Alexandra who was a keen player.

By 2015, aged just thirteen, she had become the Women British Columbia Chess Champion.

She blew up on Twitch with her channel, BotezLive.

A fan of dress-up, Andrea loves amusing fans with her cosplay outfits.

One of her many images shows her dressed up like video game Valorant character Reyna, while holding a gun.

Instagram @itsandreabotezBotez has a big fan base[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezShe has over 600k followers on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezShe started playing chess when she was six[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezShe has also enjoyed some tennis[/caption]

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Instagram @itsandreabotezShe often wows fans with her outfits[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezFans have hailed her as the ‘world’s sexiest chess player’[/caption]

Instagram @itsandreabotezShe is no stranger to raunchy pictures[/caption]

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