World-famous strongman-turned-boxer unrecognisable in incredible throwback pic as a teen


EDDIE HALL’S fans wouldn’t put their houses on recognising him aged 19.

The strongman posted an astonishing picture of himself as a teen – bare-chested, shaven-headed and… boasting he had a mortgage!

Instagram @eddiehallwsmEddie Hall shocked many fans with this old pic[/caption]

Instagram @eddiehallwsmThe Brit revealed his tattoo aged 19 was ‘fresh’[/caption]

Instagram/ eddiehallwsmHere’s how the now-retired strongman now looks in the gym[/caption]

The Englishman drew an amazing array of answers when he asked his 4.6million Instagram followers for their verdict on his flashback appearance.

But many seemed most stunned by the fact he was already buying a home at such a tender age.

Hall, now 36, shared the photo with the words: “19yrs old with a mortgage and a fresh tattoo.. chasing that World’s Strongest Man Title with 10yrs to go. How old do you think I look here?”

One fan compared his look to the menacing characters in a famous violent movie from 1998.

He wrote: “Damn u look like American History.”

Another observer posted: “Ain’t no way that’s someone of 19. Eddie’s built different.”

And with Hall sporting a thin goatee as his younger self, one fan warned him: “Stone Cold Steve Austin just called and wants his beard back.”

That reference to the American ex-wrestling icon comes as Hall continues to train for his MMA debut on February 17 – despite being floored by a brutal head kick in sparring just weeks ago.

The Brit is due toface Mitchell Hooper in his MMA debut in QatarRex Features

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And as his body shape changes again, some fans contrasted his toned teen torso with his bulk as the “The Beast” lost to strongman rival “Thor” Hafthor Bjornsson when they switched to boxing in 2022.

One said: “Lean Eddie without the power belly hits diff” and another noted: “Proper 90s tribal tattoo”.

Many made comments like: “You look 35!”

But it was Hall’s home-owning revelation that fascinated others.

“He had a mortgage? Most 35 year olds now don’t have that!” said a fan.

A second follower agreed: “I was literally gonna say 35 too it doesn’t help he already had a mortgage.”

But at the opposite end of the scale came assessments such as:” You look about 14 here mate” and “I’m gonna say 19 1/2”.

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All in all, however, this fan homed in on a common opinion as he wrote: “19 with a mortgage is the wildest part about that.”

TWITTER.COM/HAPPYPUNCHHall was dropped with a kick in training for his first MMA fight[/caption]

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