What is AZ Alkmaar and where is the team based?


AZ Alkmaar is a Dutch football club.

But where exactly is the club based and who is part of the team?

AZ Alkmaar is a football club in the Netherlands

Where is AZ Alkmaar from?

AZ Alkmaar also known as Almaar Zaanstreek or simply AZ, is a football club from the Netherlands.

The club hosts matches at the AFAS Stadion in Alkmaar.

AZ Alkmaar was founded on May 10, 1967, as a result of merging Alkmaar ’54 and FC Zaanstreek together.

The nicknames of the club are Kaaskoppen (Cheeseheads) or De Kaasboeren (The Cheese Farmers).

Who is the manager of AZ Alkmaar?

The manager of AZ Alkmaar is Pascal Jansen, as of May 2023.

In his youth he played professional football in the Dutch league.

Jansen was born on January 27, 1973, in London to Hans Jansen and Sue Chaloner.

His father is a Dutch musician and his mother was part of the English musical duo Spooky & Sue.

Jansen started his coaching career in 1993 as youth coach for football club Haarlem.

Since then he has coached clubs in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

He worked as academy manager, then assistant manager, at Sparta Rotterdam, before becoming U19 chief at PSV Eindhoven in 2013.

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He joined AZ as the assistant manager in 2018, taking over the top coaching job in December 2020.

Who is in the AZ Alkmaar team?

AZ Alkmaar has a total of 25 player – three goalkeepers (GK), eight defenders (DF), seven midfielders (MF) and seven forwards (FW).

All players are:

Mathew Ryan (GK)
Hobie Verhulst (GK)
Sem Westerveld (GK)
Yukinari Sugawara (DF)
Pantelis Hatzidiakos (DF)
Bruno Martins Indi (DF)
Milos Kerkez (DF)
Maxim Dekker (DF)
Zinho Vanheusden (DF)
Sam Beukema (DF)
Mees de Wit (DF)
Tijjani Reijnders (MF)
Jordy Clasie (MF)
Dani de Wit (MF)
Djordje Mihailovic (MF)
Sven Mijnans (MF)
Riechedly Bazoer (MF)
Zico Buurmeester (MF)
Jens Odgaard (FW)
Vangelis Pavlidis (FW)

Jesper Karlsson (FW)
Yusuf Barasi (FW)
Myron van Brederode (FW)
Ernest Poku (FW)
Mayckei Lahdo (FW)

What league does AZ Alkmaar play in?

AZ Alkmaar plays in the Eredivisie, which is the highest professional football league in the Netherlands.

The league was founded in 1956.

AZ has won the league twice, in 1981 and 2009.

As of May 2023, AZ Alkmaar is sitting at fourth in the Eredivisie table.

The club also competed in the Champions League and Europa League.

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AZ Alkmaar reached the semi finals of the 2022/23 Europa League but lost to West Ham on May 18, 2023.

After the loss, AZ Alkmaar hooligans started to attack friends and family of West Ham players.

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