Watch awkward moment UFC announcer Bruce Buffer leaves F1 star Sergio Perez baffled as fans say ‘I’m cringing so hard’


SERGIO PEREZ was left red-faced following an awkward moment with announcer Bruce Buffer at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The inaugural Las Vegas GP was won by Perez’s Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez and Bruce Buffer shared an awkward glance after the driver’s name was read out

The Red Bull star glanced awkwardly at the camera

Formula 1Perez then walked away slowly looking confused[/caption]

Ahead of the race each driver’s name was announced by Buffer, whose voice has become synonymous with big boxing fights in Sin City.

But when Perez’s name was called the Mexican got the wrong impression and thought he was about to be interviewed.

Buffer bellowed out Perez’s name before approaching the driver, who waved at the crowd while beaming from ear to ear.

The pair then shared an awkward stare with Perez appearing to wait for Buffer to ask him a question.

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But the announcer instead backed off, leaving Perez to stand on the grid awkwardly by himself as a fan said: “I’m cringing so hard.”

He then slowly walked away and said something to Buffer, who was concentrating on the next name to be announced.

Perez, 33, went on to finish on the podium, third behind Charles Leclerc and Verstappen.

Meanwhile Mercedes pair Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished seventh and eighth respectively.


Fellow Brit Lando Norris suffered a horror crash and was rushed to hospital.

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There was also a big incident before lights out as oil from retro cars leaked onto the track, leaving Verstappen fuming.

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