UFC star ‘turns into Terminator’ as he’s left with horrific red eye after controversial fight


UFC star Chris Weidman was left looking like The Terminator as his eye turned bloodshot following victory in the octagon.

Weidman beat Bruno Silva in New Jersey but he did so in controversial fashion.

GettyChris Weidman poses after beating Bruno Silva[/caption]

Weidman’s eye was left brutally bloodshot

GettyHe drew comparisons to The Terminator[/caption]

In round three, he floored the Brazilian with a shot and then unleashed ground and pound to force the stoppage.

But replays revealed he accidentally poked Silva in both eyes, which forced him to the ground.

Instead, the TKO was overturned and the bout instead went to the judges scorecards, which Weidman won unanimously.

And despite the American landing the accidental eye pokes, he was still left with brutal injuries of his own.

His right eye was completely swollen up and left gruesomely bloodshot, drawing comparisons to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character online.

Silva, 34, spoke out following his loss to claim he lost 30 per cent of his vision in one eye as a result of the accidental poke.

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He told MMA Fighting: “[Weidman] poked both my eyes, and the exam showed I lost 30 per cent of my vision in one of the eyes.

“But the doctor doesn’t think it’s permanent, he thinks it will come back fast. I’ll have to go back there next week for another test.”


But Weidman, 39, did say: “I feel like it’s a legitimate win. I won all three rounds according to the judges’ scorecards.

“Is it the way I wanted to win? Hell no. I don’t want to poke a guy in the eyes.

“I’ve never poked a guy in the eyes ever in any fight and then in this fight, if you add it up, it was two and then the one-two eye poke as people are saying in the last one.

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“It’s just unfortunate. I don’t want that to happen. It’s never happened before.”

GettySilva claimed he lost 30 per cent of his vision following the eye poke[/caption]

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