Teofimo Lopez breaks down in tears after beating Jamaine Ortiz before launching X-rated rant at booing crowd


TEOFIMO LOPEZ broke down in tears before turning on the booing crowd after controversially beating Jamaine Ortiz.

Lopez was deemed lucky to retain his WBO super-lightweight title in Las Vegas on Super Bowl week.

GettyTeofimo Lopez broke down in tears after defeating Jamaine Ortiz[/caption]

As the unpopular unanimous decision was read out, the brash American began to emotionally shed tears.

But before long, the crowd inside the Michelob Ultra Arena began to boo the champion as he got on the mic.

Lopez, 25, said: “Hey, people, people, humans, humans. Listen up, man. Listen up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can boo all you want.”

Final punch stats revealed Lopez landed 78 of 384 punches thrown with 21 per cent accuracy while Ortiz connected with 80 of his 409 attempts with 20 per cent success.

Lopez continued his rant by hitting out at Ortiz’s tactics.

He said: “We cannot for one second claim these people, these fighters that don’t want to come and fight.

“You go to blood, sweat and tears, the three codes of conduct. Sugar Ray Robinson award.

“If you ain’t ready for this life, get the f*** out of my sport. I am a champion. I bleed for this, I sweat for this, and I cry for this every time.”


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Several felt the challenger deserved the upset victory and the 140lb title – none more so than the man himself.

Ortiz, 27, said: “I believe I won the fight.

“What can I say, I came out on the short end of the stick once again. He couldn’t hit me – he wasn’t landing any shots on me.”

Lopez has already set his sights on pound-for-pound star and welterweight champ Terence Crawford.

He said: “I am champion. I am king. Glory is next for me. None of these guys want to fight me.

“I’ll fight Crawford at a catchweight. I’m here. I’m ready. I’ve always been ready. I’m younger, prettier, and a two-time unified champion at 25.”

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GettyLopez controversially beat Ortiz on points[/caption]

GettyLopez retained his WBO title[/caption]

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