Tennis legend looks unrecognisable as he covers himself in blue goo and strips down to boxers for secret project

ROGER FEDERER was considered by many to be an artist with a tennis racket – now he is a piece of ART.

The Swiss maestro stripped down to his boxer shorts for a secret project that saw him suspended from the ceiling by wires.

Roger Federer / YouTubeRoger Federer was the centrepiece for the art project[/caption]

Roger Federer / YouTubeHe was covered in blue goo before casts were made of his body[/caption]

Then the eight-time Wimbledon champion – who retired last September due to a knee complaint – was covered in uncomfortable blue goo from which casts of his body were made.

Artist Ugo Rondinone created a special figurine of the 20-time Grand Slam champion – he called it “Cloud Six” – as part of his “Burn Shine Fly” installation.

Federer’s sculpture was one of several that hung in the Italian city of Venice for six months last year – but no visitors recognised one of the images was shaped on the tennis icon.

Federer, 41, said: “It’s always interesting to see what the greatest athletes of all time ended up doing once they stopped.

Roger Federer / YouTubeFederer was filmed laughing during the project[/caption]

Roger Federer / YouTubeThe tennis icon shared a video of the process on his YouTube channel[/caption]

Roger Federer / YouTubeFederer was lathered in goo after stripping down to his boxers[/caption]

“It’s not a simple one-way road and I think it is allowed to have many bends – and we see that very often.

“What I like the about the anonymous part, it’s my life as well. I like it when it’s sometimes anonymous.

“When people don’t know where I am, they don’t know what I am doing.

“But then it’s nice to get back into the limelight, it’s nice to walk out on Centre Court, it’s nice to be famous or known. Or have the microphone for that matter.


“I used to be on the tennis court with my racket, which was like the Hammer from Thor.

“But when you’re in your underwear hanging from a harness, it’s a different situation. You feel vulnerable. It was so unusual.

“Even if it was ridiculous, it’s part of the creative process. This is what it will take to make a good end result.”

“Portrait of a Champion” was released on in partnership with Credit Suisse +.

GettyFederer played his final match at the Laver Cup in September last year[/caption]

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