Surprising thing Premier League aces should have done if they want to play better, according to surgeon


FOOTBALL stars who have hair transplants play better once they have their new barnet, an expert claims.

The procedure gives them fresh confidence — leading to better performances on the pitch, according to Dr Victor Hasson.

An expert claims that footie stars who have hair transplants, such as Wayne Rooney, play better after having surgeryPA

Dr Victor Hasson says Rooney removed the stigma by going public after his 2011 treatmentPA

He said he has worked on many Premier League aces “whose lives have been changed”.

He said: “They are able to perform at a high level when they have that confidence.

“It is tremendous to have that self belief.”

He said he would never reveal his clients’ names unless they spoke about their ops first, but he is best known for former Spurs boss Antonio Conte’s transplant.

And Dr Hasson — who has carried out 20,000 ops at his Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Clinic in Vancouver — hailed Wayne Rooney for going public after his 2011 treatment.

He added: “Rooney removed the stigma.

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“Even in Canada, people were talking about him.”

Dr Luciano Sciacca, a hair transplant surgeon at the Wimpole Clinic in London’s Harley Street, agreed a new head of hair boosted players.

He was responsible for 27-year-old Rob Holding’s transformation — with the Arsenal defender now needing to wear an Alice band.

Michael Panayiotis Kokotsis, marketing boss at the clinic, told the Daily Telegraph yesterday: “Rob has been great for our business.

“Lots of young men look at him losing his hair and say, ‘Wow, that’s me’.

“He is a walking advertisement for what a fantastic hair transplant looks like.”

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Dr Hasson is best known for former Spurs boss Antonio Conte’s treatmentSupplied

The expert says that the procedure gives footie stars fresh confidence, which shows up on the pitchGetty

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