Rising motorbike star Leydy Diaz, 24, dies in horror crash in steep curve during qualifying race


A TALENTED young biker has died after a horror crash saw her lose control of her bike during a qualification race.

Leydy Diaz Joya, 24, was pronounced dead after crashing during the second lap at Tocancipa Autodrome in Tocancipa, Colombia.

@lady_diaz98/CENThe keen motorcyclist had been competing for a few years[/caption]

@lady_diaz98/CENLeydy died doing what she loved[/caption]

The fatal event on September 3 took place on a steep curve that also left two other bikers injured during qualifications for the presitigous Grand Prix Colombia.

She fell and crashed as she attempted to ride up the narrow curve on the track, nicknamed “Curva Motor” and “El Curvon”.

The president of the Colombian Motorcycle Federation, Carlos Andres Ramirez, said two other riders also fell at the dangerous curve but Leydy was most badly injured.

He told local media: “Today’s race was running counterclockwise, and it was entering the bend that she went off.

“Actually, three riders went down. In qualifying, everyone is turning and trying to set the best time, and no one knows who is ahead or behind.

The curve which claimed Leydy’s life was not the “most complex” on the track, the high speed she was riding at claimed her life.

Paramedics did their best to revive her but the young woman could not be saved.

Ramirez continued: “The impact was severe, all protocols were activated, on-site attention was provided, but unfortunately, due to the seriousness of the impact, she did not survive all the procedures.”

Authorities have promised to investigate the causes of the accident through technical analysis.

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The rest of the motorcycle event was cancelled due to the young athlete’s death.

The event organisers said in a statement: “On this dark day for Colombian Motorsport, we pay tribute to the promising life and career of Leydy Diaz, which was cut short by the brutal accident.”

Leydy was a mechanical engineer by profession and dedicated her life to sports.

Before beginning motorcycling, she was a professional skater for 11 consecutive years and a cyclist for two years.

This year, she represented her country at the Italika Racing Ibero-American Women’s Championship in Mexico City.

In an earlier interview with local media, Leydy said: “Thank you for the opportunities, the experiences, and for those people who were part of a dream, the one I fought for a long time and managed to achieve.”

Tributes have continued to pour in for the talented motorcyclist, and many fans have commented on her last Instagram post before her untimely death.

One said: “Strength to her family. She passed away doing what made her happiest.”

Another shared a poem: “Every route, every bend, and every kilometre travelled, we remember lady bikes with the wind in our faces. Her biker spirit will always roll with us. “

@lady_diaz98/CENLeydy was a fierce competitor[/caption]

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@lady_diaz98/CENShe often posted pictures of her bikes[/caption]

@lady_diaz98/CENTributes have poured in after the horror accident[/caption]

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