Power Slap star makes YouTuber Vitaly fall out of boxing ring as fans say ‘that sounded painful’


A POWER SLAP star forced YouTuber Vitaly to fall out of the ring following a blow to his BUM.

The prankster – real name Vitaly Zdorovetskiy – is known for his stunts and once masterminded the infamous 2019 Champions League streaker.

X/ HappyPunchYouTuber Vitaly fell out of the ring following a blow to his bum[/caption]

X/ HappyPunchVitaly is known for his viral stunts[/caption]

Vitaly has never been shy to put himself in the firing line and once more put his himself through pain for attention.

This time he recruited an unknown power slapper to whack his backside live on stream.

And the effects of the whack saw him flop out of the ring as one said: “That sounded painful.”

Another added: “That sounded like that HURT.”

Vitaly – who has over 10MILLION YouTube subscribers – has been arrested on several occasions for breaking the law in the name of comedy.

Perhaps his most infamous stunt was masterminding Kinsey Wolanski’s streak during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

The busty blonde ran onto the pitch wearing a body suit advertising the Vitaly Uncensored website.

Influencer Kinsey was jailed overnight but later released as an overnight sensation.


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The influencer – who had modelled for Sports Illustrated and Maxim – now has over 3m Instagram followers.

She has also starred in low budget movies and last year launched an OnlyFans account.

Kinsey briefly dated Vitaly but the celebrity couple broke up in 2020.

Vitaly said: “I got caught up in this life, and I’ll be honest with you guys.

“I made some mistakes that I will regret for the rest of my life because, unfortunately, I’ve lost the girl I thought would be the mother of my kids.”

Alamy Live NewsKinsey Wolanski’s infamous Champions League streak[/caption]

Vitaly and Kinsey briefly dated

Instagram @kinseyKinsey shot to fame after the streak[/caption]

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The influencer now has over 3m Instagram followers

Instagram @kinsey_sueKinsey recently launched an OnlyFans account[/caption]

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