Paige Spiranac teases stripper career with X-rated video as she reveals new name in hilarious response to trolls


PAIGE SPIRANAC responded to trolls with an extended video as she teased a new career as a stripper.

The golf influencer has built up a large following on social media, including 3.7million on Instagram. Though the fame has come with trolls.

Paige Spiranac hit back at trolls by teasing a career change

YouTube/PaigeSpiranacPaige reflected on her career as a golfer[/caption]

YouTube/PaigeSpiranacShe went through a selection of outfits[/caption]

YouTube/PaigeSpiranacIncluding one which was blurred out[/caption]

Instagram / @_paige.reneePaige has 3.7 million followers on Instagram[/caption]

However, Paige hit back at them, starring in a short film as she responded to trolls who have asked whether she is a stripper or golfer.

In the video posted to her YouTube channel, she began in sombre mood, speaking on how she “crashed and burned” in her golf career.

Paige, 30, then revealed how the comments made her reflect and consider whether it was “her calling” to become a stripper.

She joked how the career might work if fans wanted it and revealed her name for the new profession; Sandy Mounds.

Throughout the video Paige could be seen trying – and failing – while trying to get to grips with the dance pole.

Asked how her golf background would help in her new career, she said: “I think being really good with my hands and also my equipment, having that light grip on the pole.

“We have come up with a new pole design that mimics the shafts that they make these graphite amazing golf shafts.

“I was really struggling with the steel pole so I needed something which felt like at home.”

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Instagram / @_paige.reneePaige was named as Maxim Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ in 2022[/caption]

Instagram / @paige.reneeShe often shares raunchy content to her social media pages[/caption]

Paige then detailed what sort of look she would go for, going through a number of outfits while in a changing room, including one which was completed blurred out.

She eventually settled on a red dress with white spots, declaring: “This screams Sandy Mounds.”

Maxim Magazine’s 2022 “Sexiest Woman Alive” then spoke about how she would handle the pressure of her new gig as opposed to golf, getting emotional and shedding tears as she joked she “can’t handle pressure.”

The video concluded as Paige was “booed” by a crowd before running off stage.

Text then flashed up on the screen, which read: “Yet again, Paige suffered disappointment when she realised she wasn’t cut out to be a stripper.

“She sets her sights on OnlyPaige.”

Fans were left in hysterics at the video, with one writing: “This video has to go viral. OMG it was so funny! Way to go Paige!! Bravo. Sanding Mounds? I almost fell out my chair laughing ”

A second said: “Sandy Mounds! I knew you were very personable but you definitely have a career in acting! Love this! I love you Paige!”

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A third typed: “This is hilarious! Great video Paige. You be you.”

“Paige, funny as hell. You keep making me laugh,” replied a fourth.

While another added: “Now I think you can also do Standup, that was hilarious. Please do more of this. It’s great to see this side of you.”

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