Paige Spiranac shames man who slid into her DMs and sent her ’embarrassing’ X-rated message


PAIGE SPIRANAC has shamed a man who slid into her DMs before sending her an “embarrassing” X-rated message.

The 29-year-old golf beauty regularly shares sultry snaps with followers online.

Not known, clear with picture deskPaige Spiranac has shared details of an x-rated message she received[/caption]

Instagram / @paige.reneeThe very forward fan made an embarrassing mistake in his message[/caption]

But one fan got carried away as he sent Paige a very rude message.

The man first shamelessly slid into Paige’s DMs on Twitter.

And he then upped the stakes by firing off an X-rated tale.

But a bizarre spelling mistake meant Paige was able to brush off the incident like a pro.

She tweeted: “This guy sent me a DM saying ‘you make my c**k busy through my pants’, then another that said ‘how embarrassing I meant *bust!’.

“How was the spelling error the most embarrassing part lol.”

Earlier today, Paige revealed her own most embarrassing moments from the golf course.

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She said: “Three of the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to me happened in back-to-back tournaments, with two of them happening at the same tournament.

Paige is the No1 golf influencer

Paige has attracted a mass following in the golf community

“So the first thing was; I was carrying my bag, I was a junior golfer, I was walking to the range and you know how they have those little ropes?

“And so my mum steps down on the rope so I can step over it and she didn’t realise that my second foot wasn’t over the ropes.

“So she lets the rope go, my foot gets stuck in the rope with my bag on my back.

“All of these cute boys on the range – I’m like 13 – I face plant, make a huge noise because the clubs fell, smacked on the ground, I’m on the floor mortified.

“Then in that same tournament, my ball was in the water and it was sitting down and I thought I could hit it out.

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“I was wearing an all-white outfit, water splashed me everywhere and I was soaked for the entire round.

“And then the next tournament I was wearing another all-white outfit – I need to stop wearing all-white outfits – and I got a nosebleed so I had to finish the round with a chunk of toilet paper stuck up my nose.”

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