OnlyFans model Elle Brooke leaks sparring footage of her FLOORING fellow adult star Amber O’Donnell


ONLYFANS model Elle Brooke has leaked sparring footage of her FLOORING fellow adult star Amber O’Donnell.

Amber has recently become the latest celebrity to sign up for the highly-anticipated Kingpyn boxing tournament.

Twitter @ElleBrookeUKElle Brooke has released footage of her flooring Amber O’Donnell[/caption]

Twitter @ElleBrookeUKShe shared the clip of the sparring session on Twitter[/caption]

TwitterAmber O’Donnell is never far from trouble and is the latest model to take up celebrity boxing[/caption]

@thedumbledongElle has a huge 659,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]

The South Yorkshire beauty, 24, was then involved in a shoving match with Elle‘s sister Emily earlier this week at their fight announcement.

Kingpyn’s High Stakes matches could push the trend even further and it has been dubbed the “biggest influencer boxing tournament” ever.

The Brooke sisters and Amber are among 16 influencer fighters taking part in three separate events.

And although the fighting does not officially begin until the first round at the OVO Arena on April 22, Emily and Amber almost came to blows at the quarter-final draw earlier this week.

After being pitted together the pair met on stage and it quickly became feisty.

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Emily leaned her forehead into Amber and the OnlyFans star responded with a push.

The two had to be separated but then began exchanging verbals.

Amber started the taunting by tweeting: “Can’t wait to land a sweet one on Emily’s chin, should be easy considering it’s such a big target.”

But that led to Elle responding his the clip which shows her landing a huge right to the chest of Amber in a previous sparring session along with another that shows her flooring her with a left hook.

Elle captioned the footage with: “How you going to 2x the speed so shamelessly. Give the people what they really want to see…”

However, Amber hit back with: “HAHAHAHA how you gonna post 10 of the worst seconds from a nearly 20 minute sparring session, including a clip where literally STAND ON MY FOOT and think you did something, also this footage is 6 months old and was my first ever spar, not exactly gonna be Mohammad Ali am I.”

Elle will fight influencer Ms. Ola Danielka on April 22 at Wembley Arena in the KingPyn High Stakes tournament.

And fans were left in hysterics as she faced off with her giant opponent this week.

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@thedumbledongElle has beaten the likes of AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway so far in her boxing career[/caption]

TwitterThe Tik-Tok stunner could become a fan favourite when she brings her drama to the ring[/caption]

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