Olympic legend blasts Team GB over woke Union Jack design


OLYMPIC javelin queen Fatima Whitbread has speared the Team GB redesign of the Union Jack in pink and purple.

The two-time medallist said she was left “absolutely disgusted” by the new look.

Fatima Whitbread has blasted the Team GB redesign of the Union Jack in pink and purpleRex

Not known, clear with picture deskWhitebread said she was ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the new look[/caption]

She led the outcry after we revealed the diverse design was on official merchandise sold ahead of the Olympics in Paris.

Fatima, who won bronze at the Games in Los Angeles in 1984 and silver in Seoul in 1988, said the rejig upset her.

She told GB News: “It’s about our country, it’s being proud to say we are Great Britain.

“Red, white, and blue, it has been that for 223 years, so why change it? I’m proud to be British.

“A Union Jack is what it’s all about for me.”

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Nigel Farage also attacked the design.

The ex-Ukip leader said on X: “Total woke madness that must be reversed.”

Designer Thisaway, which claimed traditional red, white and blue was “far from unique”, has won awards for its work with Team GB since launching it in June.

Team GB reiterated the normal Union Jack would still be the official flag and its traditional colours would feature on kit released on April 17.

A spokesperson said yesterday: “All Team GB athletes will proudly wear the Union Jack as normal in Paris.”

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