NBA Free Agency: Welcome To Chaos By Gabriel Obiti

The NBA free agency began on June 30, 2022, and six days in, it’s been as wild as ever.

Every off-season, teams around the league make moves to improve or tank to get the best draft picks. Some moves turn out better than others, yet one thing is constant.

This year’s free agency opened with a piece of not-so-free agency news. Two-time Champion and Final MVP, one-time MVP, and four-time scoring champion Kevin Durant with four years left on his contract has asked for a trade out of Brooklyn Nets.

That’s a crazy turnaround from the Nets trading every valuable thing in sight to add James Harden to KD and teammate (for now) Kyrie Irving.

This news has affected other possible moves since DeAndre Ayton and Collin Sexton is still on the free agency market. Yet, it didn’t stop the bulk of players from getting snapped up within minutes of the market legally opening.

With trades still possible, especially the eventual Durant and Irving trades, and so many players to move in the fallout of such a huge event, it’s challenging to process right now what the league will look like on the opening night of 2022/2023 NBA season.

A lot of roster changes to track and more to come. Fasten your seat belt and hold on. The NBA off-season is the greatest show in the world.

This article was originally published on Naija News

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