My dad’s a world-famous ex footballer but I was useless and quit at 16 – now I have a normal job


GARY Lineker is one of the greatest footballers ever to play the game – but his son freely admits he’s not anywhere near his level.

In fact, he quit aged 16 and now has a much more normal job running a tech company.

InstagramGary Lineker’s son says he’s useless at football[/caption]

The 32-year-old spoke candidly on The Online Disrupter podcast with Liam Chick about living up to his father’s fame.

He said, “I was always useless at football. I played for a bit with the school team and then at 16, I sort of thought, ‘This isn’t working, I’m useless at this, I’ve got to move on.’

“But every kid wants to be a footballer, so obviously I wanted to be.”

George recently launched the app, YourBusinessNumber, which allows users to set up a second mobile phone number without the hassle of getting another phone.

Alongside his business partner, entrepreneur Sebastian Lewis, the pair have politely declined any funding from Gary, determined to forge their own path.

The app is being targeted at the self-employed, and those working from home post-pandemic.

George previously told The Sun, “We need financial help but I don’t want to just go running to my dad.

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“I want people to invest in me because they believe in the product – not because of who my dad is.” 

He’s the eldest of four boys, the others being Harry, 29, Tobias, 27, and Angus, 25, from Gary’s marriage to first wife Michelle Cockayne.

And, unsurprisingly, George has been asked to go on “almost every reality show out there” — including Love Island.

“That was something I was tempted by,” he said.

“But then I have to look at it and think I’m only getting asked because of my dad. And if he’s not keen on it, then I wouldn’t do it.

“The thought of him seeing me snog someone on telly is a bit sketchy too. You’ve got to be a big personality, and be in silly shape — and I’m neither of those things. I’m quite chilled and laid back.”

The pair are pictured at last night’s GQ Men of the Year AwardsRex

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GettyGary is one of the greatest footballers ever to play the game[/caption]

George now runs a tech companyTwitter/@LiamChickCEO

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