Meet Thiago Silva’s wife Belle who’s gone to war with Pochettino and has history of controversial posts about Chelsea


FORGET the hairdryer treatment, Thiago Silva’s wife’s barbed digs are just as vicious.

Isabelle Silva isn’t afraid to speak her mind about Chelsea’s blues, just ask Mauricio Pocettino.

Instagram @bellesilvaIsabelle Silva is the fiery wife of Chelsea player Thiago Silva[/caption]

Instagram / @bellesilvaBrazilian Wag Isabelle is not afraid to speak her mind[/caption]

Recently, Isabelle hinted it was time for Chelsea to sack Mauricio Pochettino

Shortly after the Premier League giants were humbled on their own patch by Wolves 4-2, the Brazilian Wag took to X to write a cryptic post.

“It’s time for change. If you wait any longer it will be too late,” she posted with clarity.

She didn’t mention Pochettino, but timing is everything with her statement and it seems the Argie tactician is the latest to feel her wrath.

No one at Stamford Bridge has felt safe since Silva arrived on our shores from PSG in 2020.

While she’s even dissed an opposition’s star player too. Isabelle is the Premier League’s most opinionated and outspoken Wag, as these examples testify.

Timo Werner

The German forward has always had his critics.

For all the effort and work rate he puts in, Werner gets in the right positions but fails to take his chances.

But, Isabelle wasn’t going to show him any mercy following a Champions League semi-final clash against Real Madrid.

She slammed the ex-Chelsea star’s poor finishing on social media.

On a video on Instagram she Belle said: “This is karma, guys. Every team I go to there is a striker who keeps missing goals… this Werner, what is his name?”

In another video she added: “We need a goal, we need to win this match but my attackers don’t want to score, I don’t know why they don’t score.”

His stay at Chelsea lasted just two seasons, and Werner returned to Germany with his tail between his legs.

Graham Potter

The ex-Brighton boss was another who was bombed out of Chelsea, after Isabelle delivered her verdict.

Their 2022-2023 campaign was one to forget, and Thiago Silva found himself left out the team in a 4-0 FA Cup defeat to Man City.

“I just think that going back or looking for solutions when you take a hasty and totally wrong attitude is not wrong #goblues,” she penned.

Amusingly, Stamford Bridge’s decor team was also attacked by the fiery South American beauty, when she noticed there weren’t any photos of her husband on designs around the stadium.

Isabelle is a regular at Stamford Bridgeinstagram @bellesilva

Instagram @bellesilvaShe uses social media regularly to vent her thoughts and frustration[/caption]

She quizzed: “Today I went to Stamford Bridge, and I noticed that the photos changed around the stadium. But I don’t see a photo of @tsilva3 anywhere. Why @ChelseaFC?”

Then, it was commentators who caught her ire after a 4-1 thrashing at home to Brentford.

“I’m here in my box at Stamford Bridge,” she began. “I just listened right now to the commentator, who said that Thiago Silva is not attacking enough.

“Respect Thiago Silva because Thiago Silva arrived yesterday, Thiago Silva played for Brazil, Thiago Silva is very tired, Thiago Silva is 37 years old, he plays like he is 20 years old.

“So respect him, he’s not a machine. He needs to relax, alright?”

Like any passionate fan, it hurts when your team isn’t do well.

At the end of last season, she shared: “Very difficult to see what I see on TV. At home the situation worsens because I don’t know how to help, what to say. Very sad @tsilva3 you aren’t alone.”

Unai Emery

When Silva played in France for PSG, he was coached by Unai Emery – recognised as a top manager.

His work at Aston Villa is second to none, and the blame for his failure at Arsenal shouldn’t be put on him entirely.

Isabelle stuns in a bikini on holidayINSTAGRAM/BELLE SILVA

EPAFormer PSG coach Unai Emery’s tactics were questioned by Isabelle[/caption]

That said, she didn’t agree with man being dropped by the Spanish tactician for a 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League.

She questioned: “Tactics, tactics, tactics?”

Rule here is don’t drop Silva, perhaps.

Andy Robertson

If it’s not her own team she is dissing, it’s the opposition.

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson might be robust in the tackle, but we’re not sure how he handled Isabelle’s attack.

The Scotland left-back shared a video on his social media of a clip leaving Jorginho for dead in a Reds win over Chelsea.

Belle wasn’t having any of it and took to TikTok to have the final word.

“Chilwell is better than u dude you even lost to Southampton,” she said.

Her comment, rather brilliantly, drew over 500,000 likes.

Andy Robertson of Liverpool and Timo Werner of Chelsea both felt Isabelle’s wrathGetty

A vicious comment about Andy Robertson from Isabelle drew over 500,000 likesInstagram @bellesilva

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She nearly dumped Silva too

If Isabelle had carried out this threat sooner in their romance, Thiago. might have saved himself a lot of bother during his career.

When he was playing in Russia between 2005-2006 as a youngster, she travelled to Moscow to dump him.

However, he became seriously ill with tuberculosis and she joined him for support to help nurse him back to help over several months.

He told SportBuzz: “She went there [to Russia], she left everything in Brazil to go.”

“A curious fact that few people know is that she had gone there to end our relationship and things ended up changing.

“Of course, at that moment, I didn’t know what was going to happen, I found out years later, but I was happy to see her there at that very difficult time in my life. That moment there strengthened us as a couple.”

Thiago and Isabelle Silva nearly split when he played in RussiaInstagram / @bellesilva

Instagram @bellesilvaIsabelle Silva is very protective when it comes to her husband[/caption]

They married at the end of that year, before going to have two children together, Isago and Iago.

Word to wise, do not cross Isabelle Silva though.

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