Meet Ryan Bourland – Jake Paul’s next opponent


JAKE Paul is set to return to the boxing ring to face former Golden Gloves champion Ryan Bourland.

But who is the Youtuber-turned-boxer’s next opponent? From Bourland’s boxing record to the details of the upcoming event – here’s everything you need to know.

DAZNJake Paul will go up against Ryan Bourland[/caption]

Who is Ryan Bourland?

Ryan Bourland is a former national amateur champion – and the man to welcome Jake Paul back to the ring for his tenth professional bout.

On Saturday, March 2 I will shock the world and put an end to Jake Paul’s boxing career

Ryan Bourland

Bourland, who is an ex-Golden Gloves champion and junior Olympics boxer, hung up his gloves and swapped the sport for work on the oil rigs in 2018.

Discussing his boxing career, Bourland said: ”Boxing is not easy.

”Taking punches isn’t the most fun thing to do, and I’ve been doing it for a long time, but I’m not making that much money.

”I haven’t had health insurance for a while.”

On working on the oil rigs, Bourland said: “It’s dangerous and hard work, but boxing is dangerous and is really hard work.

“After they saw my resume, I got a couple of calls, and they told me ‘You are exactly what we are looking for.’

“My dad told me, ‘You’re crazy. You know how cold it is up there?’

“So I went out and bought a bunch of thermals and stuff like that, so hopefully I will be prepared.

“I got a call about fighting for a belt in Las Vegas, but it’s only for about $10,000.

“By the time I pay my team and train for two months, it’s not that much.”

What is Ryan Bourland’s boxing record?

Jake Paul’s cruiserweight opponent Ryan Bourland boasts a 17-2 record – with six wins coming by way of knockout.

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Prior to his upcoming bout against Paul, Bourland faced Santario Martin in September 2022 – and won by knockout.

Next up is a guy who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do. Ryan “The Rhino” Bourland

Jake Paul

Meanwhile, Youtuber-turned-boxer Paul holds an 8-1 record with five knockouts.

Paul’s last bout saw him leave victorious, after knocking out cruiserweight boxer Andre August in the first round back in December 2023.

August was the first seasoned boxer that the social media sensation beat following a vicious right uppercut.

Bourland will be Paul’s third meeting with a pro boxer – and his second in a row.

When will Ryan Bourland go up against Jake Paul?

YouTube sensation Jake Paul is set to return to the ring on March 2, 2024  – on the undercard of Amanda Serrano’s featherweight clash with Nina Meinke.

The upcoming event will be held at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and will be shown live on DAZN.

In his fight announcement, Paul said: “The goal is simple, build the skillset to become world champion.

“Next up is a guy who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do. Ryan “The Rhino” Bourland.

“And just like the animal in his bone-chilling nickname… he is also endangered.”

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Meanwhile, Bourland said: “Jake Paul steps into the ring with his social media clout, but let’s not mistake followers for experience or skill.

“While he’s been busy chasing likes, I’ve been honing my craft for years, stepping into the ring and beating real boxers.

“On Saturday, March 2 I will shock the world and put an end to Jake Paul’s boxing career.”

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