Meet Jordan Flynn, the undefeated British Sikh boxer signed to Anthony Joshua’s agency hellbent on surging up ranks


JORDAN FLYNN is one of the best prospects you don’t know about – but that’s set to change this year.

The undefeated lightweight has quietly built a perfect 8-0 resume over the last two years, although his progress was initially halted by the pandemic.

INSTAGRAM@RITESHVYASJordan Flynn is an undefeated lightweight sensation[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@JORDZ_FLYNNThe 26-year-old has quietly built up a perfect 8-0 record[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@JORDZ_FLYNNFlynn currently sharpens his tools in the Steel City Gym in Sheffield[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@JORDZ_FLYNNFlynn’s rise up the ranks was initially halted by Covid[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@JORDZ_FLYNNFlynn is expecting his career to take off after signing with 258 Management[/caption]

But he’s poised to announce himself on the world stage after signing with Anthony Joshua‘s 285 Management, who are expertly handling the careers of Brit prospects Ben Whittaker and Campbell Hatton.

And to say Flynn is excited to be part of the team would be an understatement.

The 26-year-old told SunSport said: “I feel like they can take me to the next level.

“With what they did with AJ and having him behind the company, and stuff, there is no one who has been managed better than AJ.

“The relationship they’ve built up with companies and everything all over the word. I think this is the best move for me.”

Flynn’s loved ones were, understandably, elated when he put pen to paper with 258.

He said: “They’re over the moon and they’re very happy. This is what I’ve been working hard for my whole life, just opportunities.

“Because people haven’t seen yet how good I am. It’s just having the right opportunities and being on the right stages and right places.


“So this year, is going to be a big big year.”

After an amicable split from former trainer Kevin Mitchell, whom he remains “good friends with”, Flynn now sharpens his tools at the famous Steel City Gym in Sheffield along with Dalton Smith and Sunny Edwards.

He said: “I feel like this is a good move for me. Getting away from any distractions locally in Oxford and Essex.

“Taking myself away and focusing just on boxing Monday to Friday and work and then come back home on the weekends.”

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Flynn is one of the few Sikh professional boxers in the UK, a fact he’s immensely proud of.

But he’s hoping to really fly the flag for his religious and Indian heritage this year and inspire a new generation of Sikh boxers.

He said: “This year, I’ll be able to do that properly on the biggest stage. Now I’ll be able to do things properly.

“So I’m excited for it all and to keep pushing on.”

INSTAGRAM@JORDZ_FLYNNJordan Flynn is well-known in the boxing community but has yet to become a household name[/caption]

Instagram / @riteshvyasFlynn is hoping to announce himself on the world stage this year[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@RITESHVYASHe’s leaving no stone unturned in his bid to become a world champion[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@RITESHVYASFlynn is one of the few Sikh professional boxers and wants to inspire a new generation[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@RITESHVYASBig things are expected of the three-time National Champion[/caption]

“And I want to show people, anyone, that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your background is that you can get into boxing and be good at it.”

Flynn’s ninth professional outing has yet to be announced, although SunSport understands it’s currently being worked on.

But he plans to make himself a household name to avid and casual boxing fans “in style”, whenever that outing may be.

He admitted: “I really need to announce myself on the scene.

“By the end of this year, people will know who I am in the boxing world and elsewhere as well.

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“Announce myself on the scene, win my first title and start climbing the ranks and set myself up for a good 2024.”

He added: “It’s always about the long-term goal. It’s not just about the short-term and thinking about now.

“I know I need to think about the long-term now.

“And long-term, I know I want to be a world champion. And I’m gonna get there eventually.”

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