London Stadium are serving up fans a mammoth two-foot hot dog coming in at 2,500 calories but for one weekend only


FANS at the London Stadium can get their hands on a monster two-foot hot dog for one weekend only in June.

The 2,500-calorie beast will be served up next month when baseball returns to London for the first time since the pandemic.

RB CreateBaseball fans can buy a two-foot hot dog that’s 2,500 calories in London next month[/caption]

RB CreateSunSport’s Sunni Upal cradled the £30 feast[/caption]

St Louis Cardinals face the Chicago Cubs in an American extravaganza on June 24 and 25 at West Ham’s home stadium.

And, to mark the takeover, chefs at the London Stadium have come up with a supersized meal that the US would be proud of.

The ‘Boomstick’ hot dog is intended to serve four people and will cost £30 at stalls around the 60,000-seat stadium.

But London Stadium head chef Bruce Deacon told SunSport he saw some large appetites when the hot dog was last rolled out.

Major League Baseball is back in London for the first time since the New York Yankees faced the Boston Red Sox in 2019.

Deacon revealed: “There were some eating competitions last time and people did manage to do it.

“We had some military here and they managed to do it in two and a half minutes.

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“It’s probably about the 2,500 daily allowance, with the cheese and the chilli and the bread and the hot dog.

“There’s a British pork hot dog, nacho cheese, half a kilo of chilli, jalapenos, spring onions and sour cream.

“We’re looking at £30. Hot dogs at the moment are £9 so it’s pretty good value and an average serving is going to be for three or four people.”

Baseball fans can also buy ‘Boomstick Nachos’, which is a two-foot serving of Doritos tortilla chips with all the same hot dog toppings.

Also on the menu are favourites from Chicago and St Louis – with the latter serving up a ‘Donut Burger’.

The glazed donut is stacked with two 4oz beef patties, cheese, bacon and sweet relish.

Mark Bodley, head of catering at London Stadium’s partner Freemans, told us: “The donut burger everyone thinks about but there’s enough savoury to counter-act against the sweet.

“It’s quite a nice eat, It’s more psychologically people have got to get their head around the fact they’ve got a donut on top of a burger.”

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St Louis Cardinals will play Chicago Cubs in the MLB World Tour: London Series 2023 on June 24-25 at London Stadium. Tickets are now available at

RB CreateMLB released the menu for next month’s London Games – including a donut burger and regional hot dogs[/caption]

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