Legendary TV presenter got Micah Richards to say awful puns on Match of the Day – did you spot them?


MICAH RICHARDS once shoehorned some cheesy puns into his Match of the Day analysis after being asked to by Bradley Walsh.

The former Manchester City star, 35, has become a studio regular alongside Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

BBC Match of the DayMicah Richards regularly appears on Match of the Day alongside Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker[/caption]

BBC Match of the DayRichards and Shearer love to have a laugh together on the MOTD sofa[/caption]

While recording the iconic BBC show, the trio often allow themselves to have a little fun.

Richards, Lineker and Shearer have also launched a podcast, The Rest is Football, together this season.

During the latest episode, the latter revealed some of what they’ve gotten up to on set.

Shearer, 53, had been asked by a listener about when England players shoehorned song titles into their interviews at the 1998 World Cup.

Lineker then similarly recounted an occasion on which his mates asked him to use the word “Cappuccino” on MOTD, leading to viewers giving him stick for being too “posh”.

During an episode of Match of the Day back in October, Walsh texted Shearer.

The 63-year-old has become a telly legend, but actually began his career as a footballer with Brentford in the late 1970s.

After the Bees’ 3-0 win over Burnley on October 21, he asked Shearer to get some puns into his analysis.


Richards promptly delivered, calling Brentford‘s midfield a “hive of activity” after marvelling at Saman Ghoddos’ brilliant goal.

Shearer then added that Thomas Frank‘s side were “buzzing”.

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Recounting the episode, the Newcastle legend revealed that Walsh subsequently sent him a video of himself “p***ing himself laughing” while watching on at home.

Richards howled with laughter as he relived the moment, while Lineker joked: “Bradley Walsh‘s puns are worse than mine!”

During another recent episode, Lineker revealed a secret feud with former pal Jose Mourinho.

After the pair had previously exchanged regular texts, Lineker revealed that they gradually grew distant.

He explained: “I was asked to present him with the Man of the Year award at the GQ Awards that they do every year.

“They asked me to present the trophy and I said ‘yes, I’ll do that for Jose, of course.’

“Then about four days before the event, they got in touch and said ‘Jose has got in touch and he doesn’t want you to present the trophy to him, he wants someone that’s not in football.’

“I thought ‘hmmm, that’s a bit odd’ but I thought I’ll go along to the event anyway and I went up to Jose and he kind of blanked me.

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“I went ‘are we okay, are we okay Jose?’ He went ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ But he wasn’t okay and he’s never been okay since.

“I do not know to this day whether it was something I said on Match of the Day, I genuinely have no idea. I interviewed him subsequently and he was very cold.”

Former pals Gary Lineker and Jose Mourinho have grown distantRex

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