Laura Woods makes awkward blunder live on TNT Sports as ex-talkSPORT host says ‘I might be getting fired for this’


LAURA WOODS was left red-faced and joked she might get fired after an embarrassing slip of the tongue live on air.

The much-loved 36-year-old has caught the eye recently holidaying in Mexico with boyfriend Adam Collard.

TNT SportsLaura Woods was left red-faced after an embarrassing slip of the tongue on TNT Sports[/caption]

GettyThe much-loved host used to be the voice of talkSPORT[/caption]

Woods has also made headlines with her bold outfit choices since becoming the face of TNT Sports coverage last summer.

That was after she left her role as breakfast show host on talkSPORT after three years.

However, the presenter got herself in a right muddle as she introduced the show on TNT Sports for last night’s Manchester City vs Aston Villa clash.

Phil Foden went on to steal the show in a 4-1 win for the champions, but it was a night to forget for Woods.

Teeing up the coverage right at the start, she said: “The title race takes centre stage as we hit the middle of a mammoth Premier League midweek on talkSPORT.”

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the error, and Woods owned up herself right at the end of the show as she made fun of herself.

Recapping the evening’s results, she signed off with: “There’s more football tomorrow, Liverpool-Sheffield United and Chelsea against Manchester United.

“Don’t forget, you can enjoy it all at once on the brilliant Discovery Plus app, but I might not be there for much longer because I said talkSPORT.


“So they might be firing me pretty soon!

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“They’re [talkSPORT] up there so hello guys, I’ll be back with you imminently.”

She then turned to pundits Rio Ferdinand and Jolean Lescott and joked: “Shall we talk about Aston Villa? You just can’t get the staff nowadays.”

Woods struggled to contain her emotions when she said her final farewell on talkSPORT last summer live on-air.

She said: “Thank you everyone. I’ve done all the speeches and stuff, so I’ll try not to bore you as I know lots of you just want to know what’s going on in sport like where Declan Rice is going.

“There’s just a final couple of things I wanted to say. Whoever gets this job next, whoever has the pleasure of sitting in this chair, I don’t think I realised until I got it the impact you can have on people’s lives.

“That’s been the biggest thing I’ve learnt, the power of this station and this chair and the people you get to work with.

“This job is the best thing you will experience. The people you get to speak to, everywhere you go, this station is just a cut through.”

GettyWoods was at the Etihad for Man City’s win over Aston Villa[/caption]

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InstagramThe beautiful star often steals the show with her outfit choices[/caption]

talkSPORTWoods made an emotional farewell to talkSPORT last summer[/caption]

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