KSI’s secret girlfriend blown away by YouTuber’s boxing skills after being ‘f***ing terrified’ about Tommy Fury fight


KSI claims his girlfriend was “f***ing terrified” about his fight with Tommy Fury – until watching him in action.

The YouTube, music and crossover boxing star returns to the ring on October 14 in Manchester against Fury.

PAKSI and Tommy Fury fight on October 14[/caption]

And his partner – who has so far remained secret and out of the public eye – was left in fear of the fight.

So much so that she demanded to watch KSI in sparring to put her at ease and according to the man himself he passed with flying colours.

KSI told streamer Adin Ross: “I’ll tell you this – my girlfriend was very, very nervous, very, very nervous.

“She was like, ‘I don’t know about this Tommy fight, I’m f***ing terrified, Tommy’s a big guy, I saw what he did to Jake. I’m not sure about this fight, can I see you spar?’

“She saw me spar – I sparred terribly – and she was like, ‘Oh my f***ing God I get it. Oh my f***ing God, you’re going to f***ing annihilate him.’

“I sparred terribly, mum’s life I sparred terribly. This week I sparred terribly and she was like, ‘Yeah, I f***ing understand.’

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“Fam, even when I spar poorly I still win, I still do well, I still f***ing put my all into it and I still beat people.”

KSI’s girlfriend has chosen to keep their relationship private despite the superstar fame of her boyfriend.


The social media sensation – who has never lost in boxing – opened up on their partnership on Good Morning Britain.

He said: “For me, I keep my private things very, very private. I have a girlfriend and she’s very private, we keep things quiet. 

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“Whenever I spend time with her, it’s all about her. Even with my family, I like to do things privately and it’s just making sure that whenever I need to be out in the public eye.”

KSI has kept his girlfriend privateRex

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