Inside luxurious six-bedroom lodge complete with vitality pool where Tyson Fury holidays with his family


TYSON Fury and his family have enjoyed a luxurious staycation in a six-bedroom lodge with vitality pool.

On the new series At Home With The Furys the boxer went on a family trip to Cardiff.

NetflixForest View Retreat is a luxurious lodge in the Welsh capital[/caption]

NetflixThe accommodation sits on a three acres land in the idyllic village of Pontyclun[/caption]

NetflixTyson spent quality time at the vitality pool with his children[/caption]

In the second episode of the reality show, the heavyweight boxing champion took his family form the £1.7million Morecambe mansion to the Welsh capital.

The Tyson’s spent a few days at the incredible Forest View Retreat lodge, located in Yinysmaerdy.

During the second episode, the boxer is seen spending quality time with his six children in the four-star cottage.

While they played at the swimming pool, Paris opened up about the reason her husband didn’t want to return to the ring.

She told the cameras:  “I think Tyson is enjoying that little bit of family time.

“That was half the reason that he didn’t want to box again, he didn’t want to keep leaving us. Just make the most of it and make these moments count.”

The high-end accommodation sits on a three acres land in the idyllic village of Pontyclun, near the South Wales coast.

An with less than an hour drive away to the world renowned Brecon Beacons National Park.

As listed on Airbnb, the house has a total of 6 bedrooms and a kitchen with a dining room big enough to host 18 people.

The outdoor vitality pool has air and water jet features – with a temperature that always remains at 38 degrees regardless of the cold weather.

Forest View Retreat owner David Edwards told WalesOnline: “No one has put a vitality pool in self-catering [accommodation] in south Wales.

“The inspiration [for the design and ethos] is about doing things which no else is doing. That’s what I do. I build what people think I won’t do, but I actually do it.”

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The family is also seen walking around the large wooden cabana with breathtaking panoramic views of the Welsh mountains.

The house has a rustic interior with a Mediterranean touch inspired by Mallorca – where homeowner David Edwards spent his holidays.

The property gets over hundreds of enquiries from families looking for a weekend stay like the Tyson’s

The house is on the renting site for an eye-watering sum of £600 per night.

It comes as the boxer wanted to cancel his new Netflix series half way through filming.

Tyson Fury found managing the cameras and his kids a challenge, his wife said.

Previously, on This Morning, the Gypsy King also revealed the only thing that was out of bounds while filming his new family reality show.

Chatting to hosts Josie Gibson and Steve Jones via video link from their £1.7m Morecambe mansion, they were asked if they held anything back on the show.

Paris replied: “At the start of the show we said ‘just come in and take the good, the bad and the ugly’.

“I think it comes out better because you’ve got the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. We’re kind of open book people.”

But Tyson cut in: “Well it wasn’t all access – I wanted them to film me in the shower, but they didn’t.”

Smiling, his wife added: “Yes. We did declare that was off limits. The bathrooms were off limits.”

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NETFLIXParis opened up about why her husband didn’t want to return to the ring[/caption]

NetflixShe said that Tyson wanted to enjoy a little bit of family time[/caption]

NetflixThe professional boxer didn’t want to leave his family[/caption]

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