Inside Alexis Sanchez’s amazing £750,000 fleet of supercars including monster £160k Bentley and £130k Audi he crashed


ALEXIS SANCHEZ had a less-than-desirable end to his Premier League career with Manchester United.

However, this did not stop the Chilean from earning a pretty sum from his time at the club thanks to his £350,000-a-week contract.

AFPAlexis Sanchez has earned more than £115million over his playing career[/caption]

GettySanchez lit up the Premier League in three-and-a-half stunning years at Arsenal[/caption]

Add his three-and-a-half years at Arsenal to his time at Barcelona, Inter Milan and Marseille, and Sanchez has earned well over £115million throughout his football career.

And Sanchez has not spared any expense on some of the nicer things in life.

The loves of his life, a company of four dogs including two golden retrievers named Atom and Humber, enjoy a lavish life with the forward.

But Sanchez’s splurges do not end there, as proven by a fleet of supercars worth over £750,000.

Not to mention the other modes of transport Sanchez has at his disposal – including the chartering of a private jet.

Although, Sanchez is far from a saint on the road.

He was once banned from driving in his homeland of Chile after being caught speeding at 96mph in a 75mph zone just outside the capital of Santiago.

SunSport has taken a look at Sanchez’s garage of supercars.

Bentley Bentayga Black Edition – £160,000+

In 2019 Sanchez opted to add an SUV to his collection.

Much like former team-mate David de Gea, who has an impressive car collection of his own, Sanchez added a luxury SUV to his collection.

However, unlike ex-club-mates Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku – who splashed £250,000 on a Rolls Royce Wraith – Sanchez went for a Bentley Bentayga.

The monster Bentley, capable of going from 0-60mph in just four seconds, could set punters back anywhere between £156,000 to £259,000.

This five-door 4×4 comes equipped with a V8 engine, – last used by F1 cars in 2013 – four-wheel drive and can reach a top speed of 180mph.

The Black Edition which Sanchez opted for came with a little juice up on both its performance and design.

Mansory, a luxury car modification firm from Germany, added some of their unique flare to the mix on the wheels and its diamond-polished rim surface.

In addition, the rework with Mansory saw the car given a power boost, with an extra 10mph of top speed and increased torque.

Eamonn and James ClarkeThe luxury Bentley Bentayga can be sold for up to £259,000[/caption]

Bentley Continental GT – £186,000

The Bentayga is not the only Bentley in Sanchez’s collection.

He also owns a Continental GT, another Bentley beast in its own right.

Like the Bentayga, the GT has a V8 engine.

However, the GT possesses more power than its sister car and can therefore reach a higher speed of 198mph.

It can also reach 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds.

The price of the GT is also more than a match, with estimates placing it between £186,000 and £273,000.

Cavendish PressSanchez also has a luxury Bentley Continental GT[/caption]

Range Rover Sport – £84,000

Keeping with the theme of British cars, Sanchez also has a Range Rover Sport.

The car is far slower than the aforementioned Bentley’s off the line, taking 6.6 seconds to reach 60mph.

It is also far slower with a top speed of 135mph – not that Range Rovers are typically designed with speed in mind.

Range Rover set the price of this model at £84,000, but that did not prevent Sanchez’s motor from seeing its share of bumps and bruises in 2018.

Following a meal at a restaurant, Sanchez returned to his car to find that his front wing had been scraped – an overall minor but nevertheless expensive to fix piece of damage.

Two weeks later the bad luck continued as Sanchez was struck with a fine from a traffic warden after parking his car on double yellow lines outside another restaurant in Wilmslow.

Eamonn and James ClarkeSanchez had two weeks of hell with his Range Rover Sport in 2018[/caption]

Audi R8 – £135,000+

Talking of damage, Sanchez was fortunate to not be killed in a car crash when he was still at Barcelona.

Sanchez was driving his Audi following Barcelona’s Copa Catalunya final win over Espanyol in 2013 in the early hours of the morning.

However, at 2:30am Sanchez crashed into the central barrier on a motorway close to the city centre.

The incident saw Sanchez land in hot water with the law after he abandoned his mangled car in the road without notifying the police.

Sanchez had been picked up by an unnamed team-mate following the crash.

Local press shared pictures of the stunning incident and described Sanchez avoiding injury as a “miracle”.

Alexis Sanchez in More Than A Car Crash. He’s ok.

— Sport Witness (@Sport_Witness) June 2, 2013

Local press described Sanchez avoiding injury in his crash as a ‘miracle’

Lamborghini Huracan – £200,000

Lamborghini‘s prowess in making supercars is matched by very few, so it would make sense that Sanchez would pick one up during a trip to Miami in 2016.

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The Italian-made car is one of the fastest ever made, reaching 0-60mph in just 2.8s.

It is also capable of reaching speeds of up to 201mph – not that he would be able to reach such heights due to Miami speed limit laws setting highways at 70mph.

It is a common practice to grab a rental car when visiting another country, and this was likely the case for the then-Arsenal ace too.

Such activity is expensive, however, with renters charging between £483 to £2,421 a day depending on the model.

At retail, the Huracan can go for between £164,000 to well above £200,000 depending on the model.

Instagram/Alexis SanchezSanchez hired a Lamborghini Huracan while on holiday in Miami[/caption]

Planes, trains and automobiles

Sanchez has also been seen enjoying trips on luxury private jets, yachts and helicopters.

He has been spotted on a yacht with his dogs, while he also took ex-girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez on a romantic helicopter ride that landed on a private stretch of beach in South America.

Instagram / @alexis_officia1Sanchez has previously chartered private jets for flights with his dogs[/caption]

Instagram / @alexis_officia1They even join him for luxury yacht trips[/caption]

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