Incredible optical illusion leaves Arsenal fans worried about Gabriel Jesus on return to training following knee injury


ARSENAL fans have been worried about Gabriel Jesus’ return to fitness after an optical illusion from a training photo.

In the snap on social media Jesus‘ is taking part in full contact training but his right leg has appeared to have withered away.

Some Arsenal fans think Gabriel Jesus’ leg has withered away in this pictureGetty

GettyHowever he is actually fans[/caption]

GettyThe full picture breaks the optical illusion[/caption]

And this has caused worry among the club’s fanbase who had been hoping he would be able to return to action soon.

One tweeted: “Not gonna lie, I’m concerned by how much Gabriel Jesus’ leg has withered away during his time on the sidelines.”

A second commented: “Didn’t know Arsenal used Dr. Nick Riviera as their surgeon on call.”

Jesus has been sidelined since the World cup following knee surgery.

However, after closer inspection, it can be seen that the ‘withered leg’ is actually another player’s arm.

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Which led to some eagle-eyed fans making jokes at the odd picture.

One said: “VAR are going to have a field day giving pens against us for handball when GJ kicks the ball clear from a corner.”

Another joked: “How do those boots fit? ‘They fit like a glove’.”


The two have competed for the ball and got into a tangle, so fans can relax and have some comfort that Jesus should be back in action soon.

He was left out of the Gunner’s Europa League squad last night and manager Mikel Arteta insisted that the club will not rush him back.

He said: “We will try not to rush him back, we will try to make a fair assessment between what he needs and when he’s comfortable.

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“Everything is going well, he needs time to get himself that confident and physical state to compete with a free mind.”

Eddie Nketiah has been filling in for the former Man City striker and has come up with some key goals in Arsenal’s title challenge.

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