I’m in top 3% of OnlyFans stars & dubbed ‘Wrexham’s sexiest fan’… I’m treated worse than drug dealers for X-rated pics


WREXHAM’S sexiest fan has claimed she has been treated worse than a drug dealer by online trolls.

Alaw Haf is one of the most followed content creators on adult site OnlyFans – but her popularity does not stretch across the internet.

Instagram / @alawpxAlaw Haf has been dubbed Wrexham’s sexiest fan[/caption]

She is in the top three per cent of OnlyFans creatorsInstagram / @alawpx

Instagram / @alawpxAlaw has been trolled online for her lifestyle choice[/caption]

Instagram / @alawpxBut she said she is always treated well at Wrexham matches[/caption]

The Wrexham supporter is reportedly in the top three per cent of OnlyFans stars, with fans flocking to her page in search of racy content.

Alaw, 25, is happy to show off and is understood to have made as much as £5000 some months.

But her lifestyle has been met with a fair share of backlash as Alaw revealed he has been targeted with abuse.

Alaw told the Fearless In Devotion podcast: “I don’t know why people get so bothered about it [saucy content]. I’m not affecting anyone’s lives apart from me.

“It’s an honest living. Drug dealers don’t pay tax, I do but I’m seen as worse sometimes than them. That’s what it used to feel like but now I don’t get as much stick.”

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However Alaw has received no such treatment at Wrexham games and instead praised the warm welcome she has received at the Racecourse Ground.

She continued: “Do you know what, it has been so nice because anytime I go [to the Racecourse Ground], people just look after you. Everyone takes care of me whenever I’ve gone.

“Obviously what I do for a living is controversial and I did expect to get a lot of stick and hate, but so far everyone’s been really nice.

“There has been no seediness or anything like that, just genuinely people being nice, and I’ve loved it.”

Instagram / @alawpxAlaw is also an avid Wales fan[/caption]

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Instagram / @alawpxShe boasts more than 100,000 Instagram followers[/caption]

Alaw has raked in up to £5000 a month thanks to her racy contentInstagram / @alawpx

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