I’m a bodybuilding mum and take my kids, 15 & 13, to the gym to train with me… here’s the secret to my incredible body

A BODYBUILDING mum has revealed her top secrets to maintaining her incredible body whilst balancing parenting her two teens.

Louise Plumb, 45, has shared her extreme body sculpting journey which first started when she picked up weights a decade ago.

Louise Plumb, 45, has competed in 18 bodybuilding competitionstiktok/lp_muscle/

lp_muscle/InstagramThe mum said she ‘adores’ training with her children[/caption]

Louise follows a strict protein diettiktok/lp_muscle/

The fitness model, from Essex, says her progress is down to pure “dedication” and a tight regime which involves her children Ben, 15, and Charlotte, 13.

She is currently the bodybuilding British female reigning champion of the IFBB and has previously been hailed Arnolds Champion and Miss Britain in 2021.

Speaking about how it feels to be the reigning champion, Louise told the Daily Star: “It feels absolutely amazing if I’m honest.

“There are no off days, no times you skip the gym because you can’t be bothered.

“No missing any cardio sessions, or cheating on the diet.”

Louise mainly eats chicken and protein oats – apart from when she has the odd burger as her one treat for the week.

The mum-of-two said you have to push through “mental barriers” and have an “absolute passion” to move up the ranks in the sport.

She added: “Our minds are weaker than our bodies, so I take pleasure in pushing through any mental barriers and getting out those last few reps that your body wants to give up on – I find it fun”

Louise cherishes her time in the gym as she uses it as a moment to bond with her kids, especially her “beast” of a son Ben, who often joins her.

The mum said she is “blown away” by his “eagerness” to learn and is proud to have inspired him.

“He literally never gives up, never complains, never says he’s too tired…he has that special mindset too – [I’m a] proud Mama,” Louise continued.

She believes the correct mindset goes a long way and has vowed to continue honing in on her toned physique.

“Illness and injury permitting, I won’t stop,” she said.

“My focus and goals may change, but I’ll always be a bodybuilder.”

The fitness model said there are no ‘off days’tiktok/lp_muscle/

tiktok/lp_muscle/Louise says she will never quit bodybuilding[/caption]

lp_muscle/InstagramThe mum only allows herself to have one treat a week[/caption]

lp_muscle/InstagramLouise is the British female reigning champion of the IFBB[/caption]

tiktok/lp_muscle/Louise has claimed several showstopping titles[/caption]

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