I was the manager with the rudest name in football, then it turned out it was a mistake the whole time

ARGEL FUCHS is a former Brazil international and Benfica centre-back.

And he has forged a career as a competent manager in his country’s top two divisions.

GettyArgel Fuchs (right) used to be the manager with the rudest name in football[/caption]

But what he is most known for is the name he went by for 45 years of his life.

Fans who have heard of the current Chapecoense boss are more likely to know him as Argel Fucks.

That rude surname is the name under which he took charge of over 20 different clubs, and under which his appearance for the Brazil national team in 1995 was recorded.

But fans were left baffled in 2020 when he was announced as the new manager of CSA, in Brazil’s Northeast.

That’s because they noticed what appeared to be a typo in his surname, with the ‘K’ replaced with an ‘H’.

However, 48-year-old would confirm that his surname was never actually ‘F***s’, to the disappointment of his cult following around the world.

He said: “In fact, my last name is with ‘CH’. It always was, but there was a registry error.

“There is an acknowledgement of error on the part of the notary, which then ended up changing it.


CSAFans were baffled when Argel Fuchs’ name was quietly changed as he was unveiled as CSA manager in 2020[/caption]

“I’m still the same person.”

And Fuchs is now fully focused on having a successful Serie B campaign with former Copa Sudamericana winners Chapecoense, without the distractions his name may once have caused.

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