I QUIT darts before winning two world titles and spent my time working fitting windows and grafting at holiday camps


PETER WRIGHT so nearly quit a career in darts to work as a window fitter among other jobs – before becoming a two-time world champion.

Wright won the PDC World Darts Championship in 2020 and 2022 after refusing to give up on his dream.

Two-time PDC World Darts Championship Peter WrightRex

But it was a long road to the trophy for the English-born Scot, who has worked almost every job you can think of to support wife Jo.

And it was only in 2008 that the father-of-three went full-time as a darts player, making just £1,200 in prize money in his first season.

He told The Telegraph last year: “In 2007 I was watching the Grand Slam of Darts on TV – at the time I still played local competitions – and, seeing the players, I said to Jo: “I can beat him and I can beat him.”

“She said: “Go on then. If you think you can do it, let’s do it.” And I tried. In my first year as a professional I made the dismal amount of £1,200.”

Before that, Wright had worked odd jobs up until turning pro.

He revealed: “Cleaning cars and at 12 or 13 working on the Bil-Co lorries; they had crates on the back and delivered the lemonades and Cokes to the flats.

“I did the Youth Training Scheme as a motor mechanic, although I didn’t finish the course, and worked as a labourer on building sites.

“I was a pot washer in a Warner’s holiday camp kitchen when I was 22. That was where I met Jo. She was a waitress.


“Later I went back into the garages to become a tyre and exhaust fitter; I gave it up in 2008 to play professional darts.”

Wright’s partner Jo is a hairdresser who manages the darts star’s finances.

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He revealed: “Nine times out of 10 I’m overdrawn. I’m probably the poorest darts player who’s world number 1.

“My prize money gets paid into my wife’s company account and I’m paid a wage. Jo sorts out the business side for when I retire.

“My opportunity to play darts is because my wife and her father backed me from the beginning.

PAPeter Wright celebrates winning with his wife Jo in 2020[/caption]

“When I got to my first “Worlds” final in 2014 I was going to give darts up as we had no money left.

“Jo didn’t realise I’d spent it all and I knew I needed to win before she found out.

“We didn’t even own a house and Jo was the only one who sponsored me to cover my playing expenses such as flights, hotels and entry fees. That’s why she takes control of all the money now.”

To save on money, Wright sometimes goes without eating or packs his own meals, even if he has just become world champ.

Wright said: “Food-wise it’s very difficult. By the time you finish playing darts everything’s closed.

“You’re often eating rubbish and I have to go without food sometimes. I travel with some Pot Noodles in my suitcase.

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“After winning the World Championship this year, and £500,000, it was gone midnight when I got back to where I was staying and I celebrated with a Pot Noodle, toast and a cup of tea.”

PAPeter Wright with the Sid Waddell Trophy[/caption]

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