I pulled off the ‘greatest streak in history’ at Wimbledon as McEnroe asked for ‘replay from all angles’


WAITRESS Melissa Johnson stole the show at Wimbledon back in 1996.

While Richard Krajicek and Malivai Washington were warming up on Centre Court ahead of the final, the 23-year-old rushed onto the court and pulled off “the greatest Wimbledon streak”.

Times Newspapers LtdMelissa Johnson gave 1996 Wimbledon finalists Richard Krajicek and Malivai Washington a shock[/caption]

Johnson was the first to do it in Wimbledon’s historyPA:Empics Sport

AP:Associated PressShe was led away by police and stayed at Wimbledon police station until after the final[/caption]

The student, who was working as a waitress on her summer holiday, gave the estimated 14,000 strong crowd – including the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Prince and Princess of Kent – a big shock.

Johnson was dressed in nothing but an apron as she took to the grass.

But this was also soon removed as she lifted it up when passing the players.

She ran the length of the court with a massive smile before giving the same treatment to the royal box before she was led away by security.

Indeed, the raunchy act left tennis legend and commentator John McEnroe jokingly asking for “replays from all angles”.

It also left beaten finalist Washington “flustered” as Krajicek became the first Dutchman to win Wimbledon with a 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 thrashing.

Washington admitted during the trophy ceremony: “I look over and see this streaker. She lifted up the apron and she was smiling at me.

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“I got flustered and three sets later I was gone; that was pretty funny.”

ReutersWashington revealed he was ‘flustered’ after the streaker’s actions[/caption]

Times Newspapers LtdKrajicek won the final 3-0[/caption]

Following the streak, Johnson later revealed the inspiration behind the act came from encouragement from friends, though said it was her own choice to do it.

She said: “I’m a naughty girl – and I’ve got a wild streak in me. I just said to the people I was working with, ‘I’m going to do it, I am going to get my kit off’.

“But my employers were very po-faced. They demanded my pinny back immediately. I suppose that means I have got the sack.

“It was my suggestion entirely. I did it for a bit of a laugh, although I was encouraged by all the others.

“I am a bit of a naughty girl and I definitely have a wild streak in me. I knew it had never been done before – and it had to be done, really, didn’t it?

“When the players came out I thought, ‘It’s now or never’, so I just did it. I didn’t feel embarrassed. I was going to wear a dress but decided to wear my pinny instead.”

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Her act was the first time it had happened in Wimbledon’s 135-year history, though Mark Roberts joined Johnson in foregoing the dress code entirely in 2002.

Johnson was taken to Wimbledon police station for the duration of the final and released without charge.

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