I bought Man Utd star Marcus Rashford’s wrecked Rolls-Royce for £184k – now he’s reached out and saved me loads of money


MARCUS RASHFORD has saved a YouTuber loads of money attempting to restore his wrecked Rolls-Royce.

Mat Armstrong purchased the luxury car at an auction for £184,000 and posted a video showing it off that went viral.

MAT ARMSTRONG YOUTUBEMat Armstrong bought Marcus Rahsford’s old Rolls-Royce[/caption]

Rashford offered some help to Mat with restoring the carGetty

MAT ARMSTRONG YOUTUBEThe car has severe damage[/caption]

MAT ARMSTRONG YOUTUBEMat paid £184,000 for the car[/caption]

Mat’s video was viewed over five million times however he faced an uphill task to restore it due to the damage.

The custom Mansory Black Badge Wraith was written off after it was involved in a collision with Rashford behind the wheel.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, but the £700,000 car suffered extensive damage to the left side.

Mat, who boasts 2.55million subscribers on YouTube, was struggling to get the car started and faced a huge cost to fix it due to its custom build.

However, he has now received a helping hand from the Manchester United star.

He was contacted by the England international’s team to help restore the vehicle.

This included providing Mat with a secret code to start the car as well as a spare key.

A message from Rashford‘s team said: “Hi, I deal with all of the cars from Marcus, I believe we still have a few bits from the car you might need.

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“We might have the v5 spare key and a couple more bits from when the car got recovered. 

“We also have the ghost code and tracker information if you want us to get them to you?”

Mat insisted that help from Rashford had saved him a sizeable amount of money.

He received a car cover worth £590, floor mats worth £1,300, a grill surround worth £4,200, a boot mat worth £680 as well as a wheel cap worth £110.

He said: “I want to say thanks to Rashford’s team for giving us all of this because they didn’t have to.

“It saved us so much money.”

One helping hand that he was given was a secret code that had been coded into the car by a third-company to prevent theft.

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In a new video, Mat showed how the code made the car start after inputting the sequence while reading from a message on his phone.

The car has less than 1,000 miles on the clock and Mat has bought another £90,000 Rolls-Royce to help the restoration.

He is planning on raffling a signed part of the vehicle with the hope that Rashford will sign it and donate the £1 entry fees to the FareShare foodbank charity.

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