How much does Phil Foden earn at Manchester City and what’s his net worth?


PHIL Foden is one of the best players in English football.

But who is he and what is the Manchester City player’s net worth?

GettyPhil Foden is playing for Manchester City since his youth[/caption]

Who is Phil Foden?

Phil Walter Foden is an English professional football player.

He was born on May 28, 2000, in Stockport, England.

Foden plays for Manchester City and the England national team as a central midfielder.

He has been with City since he was four years old, working his way up from the youth team to the senior side.

The number on his City shirt is 47 – and for England he is No20.

His Man City number is a tribute to his late grandfather Ronnie, who died at the age of 47.

Foden is in a relationship with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke.

They have two children together.

Their son Ronnie was born in January 2019, followed by a girl in 2021.

Foden said about the birth of his son: “I was there for the birth.

“I walked out of the room, gave it a little tear and then went back in like nothing happened.”

How much does Phil Foden earn at Manchester City?

Foden earns £200,000-a-week for Manchester City as of May 2023.

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He signed a five year contract with the club in October 2022.

Foden joined Manchester City’s senior team in November 2017.

In December 2017, Foden became the youngest English footballer to be in the starting eleven in a Champions League game.

He revealed in an interview that his hobby off the football field is fishing.

Foden said:  “The odd one likes fishing, so when people find out they say: ‘What a weird sport to enjoy’.

“They don’t understand why you enjoy it.

“I think it’s the perfect hobby to rest your legs and have some down time.”

What is Phil Foden’s net worth?

 Foden’s net worth is approximately £3million.

Figures from his company Rondog Sports Limited revealed he made £2million in a year from his image rights alone.

He raked £165,000 a month to the end of August 2020.

Foden was just 14 when he landed a sponsorship deal with Nike.

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In March 2023, Foden missed England playing against Ukraine due to emergency appendix surgery.

He thanked his fans, friends and family on Instagram, writing: “Thank you for all the messages.

“Feeling much better already. I’ll be back soon.”

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