Generous Erling Haaland offers to pay £10k to cover costs of fans’ train tickets as old club secure shock playoff spot


ERLING HAALAND is forking out thousands from his own pocket to pay for 200 fans to travel to watch his former club.

The Manchester City star has offered to pay up to £10,400 for Bryne FK supporters to travel to Kristiansand for their playoff clash against Start.

GettyErling Haaland has offered to pay for Bryne supporter’s travel for a play off match[/caption]

Sven Olav Sele – Bryne FKHaaland played for the club in his youth[/caption]

Haaland, 23, played for the Norwegian outfit in his youth before moving to Molde in 2017.

The striker made his professional debut for Bryne in 2015, long before he was one of the best strikers in Europe.

However, he has kept the club close to his heart as he has helped its fans travel for the vital match, as per TV 2.

Bryne was not expected to claim the last qualifying place in the OBOS League.

Fans will now have their train tickets with NOK 698 (£52) paid for by Haaland which will see him pay roughly £10,400 in total.

Haaland has also reportedly offered to pay for bus tickets if travelling fans do not want to go on the train.

Bryne FK marketing manager Bjorn Hagerud Roken told TV 2: “From the club’s side, it is a secret question regarding who treats the fans. 

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“We can’t say much other than that it’s fantastic that we get the opportunity to send as many supporters as possible to Kristiansand. 


“Times are tough for people financially, and that makes it harder for people to prioritize traveling to a game like this here.

“This has therefore given more fans the opportunity to travel.”

Press spokesman Ole Morten Hobberstad also said: “It’s nice that Erling wants to sponsor a trip for the Bryne supporters, it’s something the whole of Bryne really appreciates. 

“It also contributes to the fact that several people who perhaps did not prioritize it in the first place due to price growth and interest rate increases are now traveling to support Bryne in the promotion qualification.”

Bryne will take on Start on Saturday and the announcement of free travel was originally put down to an “anonymous sponsor”.

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It is not the first time in Haaland’s career he has been generous with his wealth.

When he left Borussia Dortmund he gifted every one of his team-mates and club staff member a luxury watch.

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