Gary Neville responds as angry Arsenal fans use pic of him smooching Scholes to slap down his ‘too emotional’ argument


MANCHESTER UNITED legend Gary Neville has responded to Arsenal fans using a photo of him kissing Paul Scholes as the “too emotional” argument continues.

The former right-back was discussing how the Gunners threw away the title to Manchester City on Sky Sports.

Gary Neville kissed Paul Scholes as he scored a winning-goal in the title raceEPA

instagram: @v.lada_sefdanOleksandr Zinchenko went viral for geeing up Arsenal fans outside a pub[/caption]

Neville listed seven reasons why Arsenal will fail to win the Premier League this season.

He cited Oleksandr Zinchenko’s celebration after a 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace, where he beeped his car horn and shouted “come on” while driving past fans, as an example of the team getting carried away.

Neville claimed: “The over-celebrations against Aston Villa [after the 4-2 win in February].

“I look at little things that might look a little bit harsh – Zinchenko celebrating an hour after the game with the fans outside and screaming.

“You want your leaders in the team, who have been there before to spread composure around the dressing room and calm everybody down.

“You don’t want them to lift the anxiety, lift the emotion.”

Gooners have hit back at Neville with a photo of him smooching team-mate Scholes after he scored a winning goal versus Man City.

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Man Utd went on to lose the league in the 2010/11 season to Chelsea after the “over-celebrating” kiss.


More brought up the fact he was fined and charged for improper conduct for winding-up Liverpool fans after a goal in the 2005/06 campaign, where the Blues again ended up clinching glory.

But Neville hit back, tweeting with laughing emojis: “Look at them.”

He has been in battle with supporters all day, saying: “There are reasons Arsenal’s results have dipped but I don’t think Zinchenko tooting his car horn at some Arsenal fans is among them.

“I’m filling in the blanks of what was going on behind the scenes. I’ve seen it before from emotional teams.

“The experience I’m talking from isn’t just from winning titles. I lost 4/5 title races as well.

“Some emotions aren’t positive ones for a group even if they look it.

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Neville has been accused of being biased against Arsenal by pundit Martin Keown for always doubting that they were going to win the league.

AlamyGary Neville has been in debate with Arsenal fans all day[/caption]

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