Gary Neville publicly calls out Sky Sports employee for not tagging him in ‘weird’ tweet before producer deletes account


GARY NEVILLE slammed a Sky Sports employee after he was criticised for a prediction he made about Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola‘s men are on course to win the treble this season after blitzing Real Madrid 5-1 on aggregate in their Champions League semi-final.

Gary Neville hit back at a Sky employee’s criticism of himGetty

Manchester City are on course to win the trebleGetty

They can be crowned Premier League winners with three points against Chelsea on Sunday.

And finals in the FA Cup and Champions League are yet to come as Manchester United and Inter Milan bid to thwart their treble ambitions.

Man City’s sensational end to the campaign comes after Neville debated the point earlier in the season that they were not at their very best.

Now they are firing on all cylinders, Conor Humm, a junior assistant producer at Sky Sports, has called Neville out regarding his comments.

He said: “Gary Neville said Manchester City weren’t at their usual level this season.

“They’re about to surpass his club’s greatest ever season and do it in a far more impressive way.”

A startled Neville replied on Thursday morning, saying: “You okay? They weren’t at their usual level. What a weird point to make. 

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“Tag me in by the way if you work at Sky. Don’t be shy.”


Another Twitter user then called out the Man Utd legend for his exchange with Humm, saying: “Gary Neville biting back at 5:38am from a tweet he wasn’t even tagged in and mentioning Connor’s place of work is pretty wild.”

But Neville did not back down as he responded: “Biting (really). Wild (hardly). 5.38 (it’s when I get up). It came up on my for you function! As did your reply!!

“If he works at Sky then tag me in. Easy for people to have a little dig at me but not ok for me to go back?”

During the second half of the season, Neville has repeatedly backed Man City to catch Arsenal and win the Premier League title.

And they are now champions in waiting as they look to wrap up the league at the Etihad this weekend.

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Last month, Neville admitted he was fearing a Man City treble.

He said: “They’re purring, they’re playing well, they’re in great form, they’re serious now about it [the treble].”

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