October 23, 2021


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"Game changer" Gideon Jung stars in Hamburg six match winning streak

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Ghanaian defensive midfielder Gideon Jung has emerged as the real guarantee of success for Hamburg’s six-match winning streak in the Bundesliga 2.Hamburg have won their last six games with the inclusion of the 26-year-old in their set-up.He started three three matches and was substituted three times as the Bundesliga 2 outfit won all their last six matches.Remarkably striking is the fact that Hamburg failed to win previous five matches including a Cup match in the absence of the talented Ghanaian.With Jung on the pitch, Hamburg have bagged three points per game in the last six matches. Hamburg have had an average of three points per game this season with Jung in full swing.He has been labeled as the game changer for the side as his immense quality has aid the side in their recent victories.Jung is available to leave in January amid multiple interest for his signature. 

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