Full list of men John Fury has called out for a fight including Mike Tyson and Jake Paul after Carl Froch feud


JOHN FURY has not lacked ambition when calling out huge names in the boxing world to fight.

The boxing veteran is most well known for fathering and coaching superstar sons Tyson and Tommy.

PAJohn Fury has never been shy to call out big boxing names[/caption]

But he also had a 8-4-1 professional boxing record and claimed to have been a fierce bare-knuckle fighter on the hard road.

His passion for his boys has led John to row with famous faces from the boxing world and resulted in wild fight call outs.

As of yet, John is yet to actually follow up on any of these challenges but here SunSport runs down the best of the bunch.

Mike Tyson

John is admittedly an Iron Mike superfan and even named champion son Tyson after the heavyweight legend.

But it has not stopped John from wanting to fight his hero and recently laid out a challenge when Mike Tyson coached Francis Ngannou for his bout against the Gypsy King.

John said: “Here I am! Any man alive want to fight John Fury I’m here and ready to go, Mike Tyson what have you got to say to that my brother?”

@boxingarabiaJohn Fury wants to fight his heavyweight hero Mike Tyson[/caption]


Jake Paul

For two years YouTuber-turned boxer Paul terrorised John’s son Tommy about a fight and his reasons for twice pulling out.

So John lost it when the two came face to face in Dubai and roared: “Come in here! Forget my son! I’m the king of the bare knuckle man!”

Eventually, Tommy would go onto beat Paul via split-decision in February 2023 with the pair back in talks for a rematch.

Lennox Lewis/Evander Holyfield

John did not just draw the line with Tyson, he also opened the door to fighting his iconic rivals of the 1990s.

He said in 2020: “Now I’m fit, let’s talk about some proper fighting men that have had fighting experience.

“Lets go: Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson all of those men in their 50s, my age, let’s have a go.”

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield pictured togetherGetty

Eddie Hearn

Hearn has had a frosty relationship with the Fury family amid the long-standing rivalry with his star fighter Anthony Joshua.

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John has lost his cool over the brash promoter several times and at one point called to face Hearn on Joshua’s undercard.

He told The Mirror in 2022: “I’ll fight Eddie Hearn on the undercard too for the AJ fight. I’ll do that for free! If they sign the contract, I’ll box Eddie Hearn on the undercard for free!”

John Fury has feuded with Eddie Hearn amid the rivalry between Anthony Joshua and TysonGetty

David Haye

Haye famously pulled out of fighting Fury twice due to injury and the bad blood between the two has carried on even after his retirement.

The British legend had a brief comeback in 2021 for an exhibition and called out Fury afterwards – but John wanted to take the bout instead.

He told BT Sport: “I will fight David Haye, and tell him from me – I will fight him seven days a week and three times on a Sunday. You tell him.”

Carl Froch

Froch has been outspoken since his 2014 retirement and recently questioned Fury’s boxing career.

It sparked a furious reaction from John, who said:  “You and me, Wembley Stadium, 93,000 crowd. I’m up for that my friend.”

Froch hit back to instead suggest they settle the score in the name of charity.

Carl Froch was called out by John FuryNews Group Newspapers Ltd

Joe Egan

Egan is a former sparring partner of Mike Tyson’s and took acceptation to John’s challenge and suggested they fight instead.

John finally responded in a lengthy Instagram message and demanded a full fight offer be sent over in writing.

He warned in his rant: “Now it’s personal, Joe.”

Joe EganMike Tyson with former sparring partner Joe Egan[/caption]

Micky Theo

After John claimed to be the fittest man at his age alive, he was called out by former bodybuilder Theo.

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And despite Theo’s best efforts to organise a fight, John refused to entertain it as an event but did claim he’d be up for a straightener.

He said: “I’ve seen people like you all my life. I’m in shape, I’m ready to fight, cut the s***e, let’s just fight.”

@mickytheokoFormer bodybuilder Micky Theo called out John Fury[/caption]

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