Former Sky Sports presenter shocked after spotting mysterious ‘large cat’ while taking tiny dog out for walk


CHARLOTTE JACKSON-COLEMAN has revealed she spotted a mysterious “large cat” while taking her tiny dog out for a walk.

The former Sky Sports presenter was left shocked after capturing the animal on video in Easton, Hampshire, on Sunday.

GettyCharlotte Jackson-Coleman spotted a ‘large cat’ while walking her dog[/caption]

Charlotte had been walking her Yorkie-poo in the village when she saw the grey cat from a distance.

In her video, the cat can be seen lurking behind a tree off a path in the countryside.

Before running off, the animal peers round the tree at Charlotte and her dog.

Recalling the incident, Charlotte told the Daily Echo: “It was quite large.

“The pattern and colour of the coat was not like one I had seen on a cat before.

“As we got closer, I realised how much bigger it was than other cats – and it had no collar.

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“I put my dog on the lead straight away. He is a Yorkie-poo and much smaller than the cat.

“It didn’t seem frightened of us, and I got my phone out to take a video as I thought it was really unusual.


“But I think I was a bit slow in doing so as it ran into the bush and then off.”

Charlotte worked as a presenter for Sky Sports for a number of years after joining the broadcaster in 2009.

She has since gone on to become an actress, having previously been a singer and backing vocalist early in her career.

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The 45-year-old is married to former Wales manager Chris Coleman, who is currently in charge of Greek side Atromitos.

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