Former England star once used team-mates’ pile cream for toothpaste that had been up his bum


FORMER England star Alvin Martin once accidentally used Tony Gale’s pile cream as toothpaste.

The duo were team-mates for ten years at West Ham and one unfortunate morning lives long in the memory.

Alvin Martin’s toothpaste mistake might still make him feel sick to this dayGetty – Contributor

Tony Gale could not believe his team-mate’s disgusting errorGetty

They used to share a hotel room when the Hammers when on away trips from 1984 to 1994.

Martin preferred to wake up early while his pal liked to sleep in.

The man capped 17 times for England headed out for breakfast as Gale rested in bed.

When Martin returned, he enquired over his morning routine, saying: “I didn’t have any toothpaste but I used yours. It’s funny the brand you use mate.”

His centre-back partner was left baffled, as the West Ham legend continued: “It’s got this applicator at the end of it and I couldn’t get a lather from it.”

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A grossed out Gale then gave Martin the shock of his life, explaining: “That’s when the penny dropped and I said, ‘You’ve used my pile cream.’

“‘That applicator has been stuck up my bum.’”

Martin played an incredible 469 times for West Ham and won the FA Cup with the club in 1980.


His goalkeeper son David went on to play five times for the Hammers, famously keeping a clean sheet in a 1-0 win over Chelsea and rushing to his father in stands with tears in his eyes.

As for Gale, he featured 300 times for West Ham and later lifted the Premier League with Blackburn.

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The club legend now works as a commentator.

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