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Twice a year, the ‘transfer window‘ allows for the football clubs to get the best players for the coming seasons. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent when players change clubs. Before the beautiful game introduced the idea of ​​professionalism in 1885, there was no transfer market, and players could move freely and compete with any team they want. That is no different from a game of football in the public park with friends. Then this changed when the Football Association (FA) introduced the idea of ​​​​registering players. This means that players had to register with one club at the beginning of the season, and there is a rule that was introduced to limit the amount of movement there is between clubs. A player could not move to a different club and start training without asking permission, either from the FA or the club he was registered with, and of course, this was also a way for clubs to control fees and restrict any team from collecting all the best players.

Most notable transfers of players 2021

Lionel MessiFc BarcelonaParis Saint-GermainFree Transfer
Cristiano RonaldoJuventusManchester United45M
Jack GrealishAston VillaManchester City65M
Romelu LukakuInter MilanCheclsea Fc100M
Jadon SanchoBorussia DortmundManchester United100M
Achraf HakimiInter MilanParis Saint-Germain60M
Ben WhiteBrightonArsenal28M

Information about the player transfer market

One of the biggest changes in how transfers occurred in 2002, when UEFA, the supreme governing body for football in the continent of Europe, decided to introduce a selected period time during which transfers could be made for players between their clubs, which would be known as the ‘transfer window’. And almost all of the European clubs operate two transfer windows in one season, the first is the summer transfer window, which is from July 1 to August 31, and the second is the winter transfer window, which is for the entire month of January, and despite that, these windows may differ from place to another, clubs can agree on transfers between them from the end of the season.

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But it will not become official, and the transferred player will not be able to join his new club, until the mentioned window opens, and special exemptions can be granted to clubs if they need to contract with a player on an emergency basis outside the established window time, and this may be due to the injury of each of the senior Goalkeepers for example, and the club needs to bring in a new one, and likewise there are no restrictions on the movements of free agents – players without contracts – and they are out-of-contract players who are able to move at any time, and although the transfer window is open for a month within Winter, several months into summer, but it’s the last day out the window that generates the most attention, known as the ‘transfer deadline day‘. It often comes with its own music and color scheme on some special sports channels, and the day of the deadline is when a lot of work is done for clubs that need a player, any player, and searching trying to find one. While other clubs have left things up to the last minute to try to secure a player, they will face a great deal of panic and hardship, and even paying more for players.

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